Celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture with Aquafil

Feature Authentic Aboriginal Art on your Aquafil bubbler, drinking fountain or water bottle refill station.


Your bubbler can do more than just dispense fresh and clean drinking water. Imagine your drinking fountain as a platform for communication through art.


Wiradjuri Artist Luke Penrith created the collection “Connections and Journeys” exclusively for you, your community and Aquafil by Civiq .

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Celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture

THEME: Choose one or more of your preferred design options
APPROVE: Review and approve the design layout for your Aquafil station or bubbler
PRINT: Design is sent to print and applied to your drinking water station
COST: $350 per design

Available on Civiq products only: Aquafil, Elkay and Cycla


Ancient Wisdom Splashed Across Your School Day

This art by Luke Penrith isn’t just pretty, it’s a dance party for your senses and a wake-up call for your soul. He wants us to ditch the plastic bottles, embrace healthy habits, and see water as the lifeblood of everything cool.

“I hope these artworks encourage students to embrace healthy habits and make sustainable choices.”

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A Story of Connection and Harmony

This artwork by Luke Penrith captures where freshwater rivers meet the salty sea. This symbolises the interconnectedness of life and the vital role water plays in our communities.

Fresh and saltwater represent a powerful convergence of forces, a place of renewal and fertility. It’s a testament to the significance of these converging elements in sustaining life for my people for thousands of generations.

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Buzz Buzz, Art Lovers!

Just like bees share pollen to make flowers bloom, Luke’s art reminds us that sharing good things makes our whole world better. We need to learn from and celebrate each other’s cultures. Everything in nature is connected, like a big, happy family, all helping each other grow.

“I’m proud of my heritage, the stories my family carry like precious jewels. My art’s about bridges, not walls. It’s about sharing that beauty and teaching about the ancient rhythms of the land.”

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Celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture

Green colours


The green-coloured Aboriginal artwork represents Mountain people, living in the hills, and the valleys across the country.


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Plains and Fresh Water


Earth Colours


This Aboriginal Artwork represents Fresh Water People of inland communities. It shows their special bonds with the rivers, creeks, swamps, and water holes.



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Saltwater & The Coastline


Blue Colours


The blue coloured artwork is about Salt Water people. These are people living along the coastline and their waterways. For Millenia, First Nations people have camped and sung along the coastline. They gather near food, fish, turtles, birds, and plants. This painting tells the story of their journeys up and down the coast.

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More Aquafil Water Station Art Templates


View the brochure below to see more Aquafil Water Station Art Templates. These drinking fountain artwork templates are available to choose from when you choose to refill with Aquafil.


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Turn your Aquafil water station into a platform for communication through art.

Aboriginal Bubbler Art

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