When sustainability goals and guest comfort both win

Striking a balance between being eco-friendly and ensuring guests have a great time can be tricky.

As a caravan park owner, it’s important to have a shower and drinking fountain by the pool for a few reasons.

Having a nearby shower encourages guests to stay clean before and after swimming. And having a drinking fountain nearby means guests can easily access water without using plastic bottles.

Putting these amenities close to the pool makes it convenient for guests. At the same time,  it helps meet your sustainability goals.

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Hygiene, Sustainability, and Guest Experience

“As a caravan park operator, I cannot recommend this enough. Not only does it promote good hygiene, but it also supports sustainability.  Having these amenities available to our guests adds to the overall experience of visiting our caravan park.”

Safe and Hygienic

A shower next to the pool helps promote good hygiene by inviting users to rinse off any contaminants before entering the pool area.

  • Prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Reduce the amount of chlorine required
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment.
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A drinking fountain helps reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles and promote sustainability

  • Reduce the use of single-use plastic
  • Help to reduce the cost for patrons
  • Reduce the risk of dehydration
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Guest Satisfaction

A shower and drinking fountain combination improves guest experience and satisfaction with the facilities in the caravan park.

  • Enhance guest experience
  • Drive repeat business
  • Enhance park image
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Health and well-being

A drinking fountain placed next to the pool helps promote health and well-being by encouraging users to stay hydrated while enjoying a swim.

  • Prevent dehydration and cramps
  • Improve the overall experience
  • Help maintain  body temperature regulation
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It made our time at the pool even more enjoyable

“The shower and drinking fountain next to the pool were a game-changer for our vacation experience. We were able to rinse off and stay hydrated easily, making our time at the pool even more enjoyable. It’s a small detail but it made a big difference in our overall experience at the caravan park. Thank you for providing such great amenities.”

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