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Custom-designed art for your Aquafil bubbler, drinking fountain or water bottle refill station.

Feature your school logo, school values, and colours or thank a donor on your custom-designed artwork.

Your bubbler can do more than just dispense fresh and clean drinking water. Imagine your drinking fountain as a platform for communication through art.


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Get started on creating your unique drinking fountain design. Follow these 4 steps:

  1.  Request the die line for your drinking fountain from your sales representative.
  2. Collaborate with your graphic artist to develop your custom art.
  3. Civiq will review the art and provide you with a visual mock-up of your design on the drinking fountain for your review.
  4. Once approved, the design will be sent for printing and applied to your drinking fountain.

Enjoy the process of bringing your vision to life and discover the creativity of others along the way!

Annandale Public School


Annandale Public School took the initiative to create a unique Hydrobank artwork that showcases their school emblem and a wise owl, capturing the essence of their identity and spirit.

In addition, the phrase “Be respectful, be responsible, be a learner.” was incorporated into the splashback of the drinking water station, reminding everyone of the values and mindset the school encourages.


It’s not just a Hydrobank; it’s a canvas of inspiration and a refreshing oasis for both your body and soul.

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Branxton Public School

Branxton Public School decided to unleash the power of cuteness by adding their lovable superhero mascot to a mighty green background for their Hydrobank backsplash.

And to ensure that even the sides don’t miss out on the fun, they decked them out in matching green side panels.

Now, every time you quench your thirst, you’ll be greeted by a superheroic display that will bring a smile to your face.

Who knew saving the world from dehydration could look so adorable?

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Caringbah Public School

Caringbah Public School has added a touch of elegance to their pulse drinking water station. They proudly display their school logo featuring a waratah, a native Australian flower, on a clean white background.

In addition to the logo, the lower panel of the water station showcases a thoughtful drawing with a sustainability and recycling message. This serves as a visual reminder for everyone to prioritise environmental responsibility while staying hydrated.

With its tasteful design and meaningful artwork, Caringbah Public School’s pulse drinking water station offers both aesthetic appeal and a gentle reminder of the importance of sustainability.


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Mimili Anangu School


Winners are grinners. Students at Mimili Anangu School told us how they strive for a plastic-free environment and won the H2O Heroes prize: the Aquafil Hydrobank.

Mimili Anangu School provides students breakfast, fruit, and lunch as part of their nutrition program to ensure healthy and nutritious eating. To minimise their plastic waste, they have switched to reusable containers. Where meals are taken away from the school, they have recyclable meal packaging.



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St Francis de Sales Regional College

St. Francis College took a proactive stance on reducing plastic waste by eliminating plastic water bottles from the daily lunch allocation for boarding students. The Student Representative Council (SRC) approached the Executive, highlighting the environmental concerns surrounding single-use plastic bottles.

In response, the College P & F Committee acted swiftly by investing in drinking water stations. The Executive decided to provide all boarding students with reusable water bottles instead. Over the years, this initiative expanded to include all Year 7 students, who now receive a reusable College Logo embossed water bottle.

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Knox Grammar School

The school manages three main campuses for its Prep and Senior students and needed a drinking water solution to accommodate users of all ages.

The drinking water fountain needed to be accessible to students during their break time, as well as in outdoor locations close to key sports facilities. They also needed to include an easy-to-use bottle-refill option.

The station’s external panels were redesigned with bespoke graphics featuring Knox Grammar colours and logo to complement the branded campus environment. Key educational messaging was also included in the panel design, offering simple instructions for use.

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Marsden High School

Marsden State High School has a proud history of environmentally friendly projects, including the sustainability practices associated with their award-winning ‘Don’t Mess with Marsden’ program.

The group of 2021 year 12 students, along with their school captain, Leen El Moussa, marshalled the project ‘Don’t Mess With Marsden’ this year. This project – which included the installation of drinking water stations –  achieved a significant reduction in waste costs. Marsden SHS is now averaging $2.85 per student in waste costs. This is much lower than the state average of $18 per student. It’s something utterly worth celebrating.

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Oatley West Public School

Nestled in a picturesque bush environment, Oatley West Public School is a primary school catering to students from kindergarten to prep.

With a growing number of students each year and the increasing trend of refilling water bottles, the school recognized the need to enhance refill options.

As a result, they installed additional refill stations near the adventure playground and kindy play areas.

Custom art feature the school’s colours and simple instructions.

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Varsity College

With the generous support of the P&C fundraising contributions, Aquafil Hydrobanks were installed at both the Primary and Secondary campuses of the Varsity Lakes QLD Prep to Year 12 school.

Adding a touch of inspiration, the splashbacks of the water stations feature uplifting messages created by the students themselves. The idea to incorporate these messages was initially proposed by Lily Nidea, a former Varsity College captain and student.

Originally intended to be painted on the campus steps, it evolved into the captivating splashback designs on the water stations, thanks to the P&C’s enthusiastic support.

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