Do you think your students could be drinking more water?


Easy access to fresh and clean drinking water is important for your students’ health, and the environment.

Staying hydrated benefits students’ overall well-being. It helps them perform at their best!

By creating the habit of choosing water over sugary beverages, your school plays a major part in creating good habits that could last a lifetime

Reduce plastic waste, and be the best you can be, simply by drinking more water. Together we create healthy and happy communities.

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About Aquafil School Drinking Water Stations

When beachside council Manly enquired about adding a tap to their wayfinding signage, they solved two problems with one solution.

They achieved a reduction of plastic waste and created a happily hydrated community.

From this idea, Aquafil by Civiq was born. After seeing the success of the drinking water stations in parks, schools wanted to install highly visible bottle refill stations on their campus.

Today, Aquafil by Civiq is the leading manufacturer of Australian drinking water fountains and refill stations for schools.

Aquafil Hydrobank

Are you sick of seeing old, dirty and unhygienic drinking troughs in schools?

Meet the new-school trough. The Aquafil Hydrobank combines three fountains, with three bottle refill outlets.

  • Wall mounted, weather- and vandal-resistant design
  • Includes 3 drinking fountain bubblers and 3 bottle refill nozzles
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Inbuilt filter and chiller options
  • Artwork panel allows for custom graphics
  • WaterMark Certified and Made in Australia
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Aquafil Hydrofil

The easiest way to add 4 bottle refill points to your existing school drinking trough.

Install this wall-mounted bottle filling station as a stand-alone unit. Or, use infrastructure already in place – and install the water station above your existing school drinking trough. The use of existing plumbing makes it an economical solution for schools

  • Disability-friendly design
  • 4 anti-bacterial bottle filling points
  • Vandal-resistant stainless steel buttons
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel housing construction
  • Heavy-duty vandal-resistant stainless steel refill nozzles
  • Artwork panel allows for custom graphics
  • WaterMark Certified and Made in Australia
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Aquafil Solo

Compact, colourful and cost-effective. The Aquafil Solo range of drinking water stations offers a compact, sustainable and multi-purpose solution for outdoor areas. Large, interchangeable panels combine easy access to drinking water with custom branding or graphics.

Ideal for outdoor areas, including schools, and educational facilities.

  • 2 height options (700mm & 900mm)
  • 2 anti-bacterial bottle refill points
  • Option for drinking fountain fitted with a soft mouth guard
  • Customisable graphic panels with graffiti protection
  • Removable panel for easy filter replacement
  • WaterMark Certified and Made in Australia
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Aquafil Pulse

Stainless steel, hygienic and user-friendly drinking water station with 2 bottle refill points. 1, 2, or 3  fountains are optional, including a wheelchair accessible option. Customisable, vandal-resistant signage panels allow for educational or brand messages to be featured on the exterior.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor settings, including schools , universities, and other educational facilities.

  • 2 height options (1200mm Junior & 1400mm Senior)
  • 2 inbuilt water bottle refill nozzles as standard
  • Options for 1, 2 or 3 drinking fountain bubbler basins, or no basin.
  • Integrated signage panels allow for custom artwork
  • Filter and chiller options
  • WaterMark Certified and Made in Australia
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Aquafil Drinking Water Stations have been installed in schools, universities, parks, recreation and leisure centres, and other public spaces.

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Schools all over Australia choose Civiq for their drinking water solutions.

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Discover how schools upgrade outdated drinking troughs and bubblers. And explore the transformative journey towards modern, hygienic, and sustainable drinking water solutions.