Wheelchair Accessible Drinking Water Stations for public spaces (AS1428.1)

Civiq’s industry-leading range of AS1428.1 & DDA-compliant wheelchair-accessible drinking water stations has been developed for various indoor and outdoor settings.

Select stations with bottle refill technologies, drinking fountains and bubblers, dog drinking bowl, and additional signage graphics.

Our wheelchair-accessible water station range has been developed to conform to Australian Standards AS1428.1 and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), with correctly proportioned water access points along with detailed notes for correct installation.

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Explore our range of AS1428.1 Wheelchair-Accessible Drinking Fountains

Our products have been installed in schools, universities, health centres and commercial buildings across Australia and New Zealand in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1428.1

Outdoor Wheelchair Accessible Water Stations

Our range of wheelchair accessible Aquafil drinking fountain and bottle refill stations are configured with correctly sized water access points:

  • 700mm high drinking fountain basins
  • Easily accessible bottle refill points
  • Soft mouth guard fitted
  • Customisable graphic panels
  • Robust weather and vandal-resistant designs
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Indoor Wheelchair Accessible Drinking Water Stations

Our indoor AS1428.1 wheelchair accessible drinking water station range is ideal for schools, campuses, sports centres and health facilities.

  • Extra deep fountain basins
  • Accessible activation buttons
  • In-wall, wall-mounted or free-standing designs
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Hands-Free Water Bottle Refill Stations

Access to fresh drinking water is easy with our innovative auto-sensor technology, which allows users to fill their bottles without pressing a button.

  • Sanitary no-touch auto-sensor activation
  • Quick fill rate
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • GreenTicker bottle counter
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Bestselling wheelchair accessible drinking water stations

Our products have been installed in schools, universities, hospital, offices and recreation centres in accordance with AS1428.1 and the DDA.

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Our AS1428.1 wheelchair-accessible drinking fountains are used by hundreds of facilities across Australia.

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The company has assisting in providing quality AS1428.1 wheelchair-accessible drinking water infrastructure to a range of industries across Australia.