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Safe and Hygienic Hydration

The Australian climate is harsh and diverse. Staying hydrated, especially during sizzling hot summers, is key for healthy and happy communities. 

When you choose a drinking water fountain for your community, you want to select safe and hygienic products. Products suited to endure the environment, to benefit the planet. 

Aquafil by Civiq: supplies robust hydration stations. Certified Australian Made.

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About Aquafil Australian Made Drinking Water Fountains

Look for the Australian Made logo when selecting a drinking water fountain supplier for your community. 

When you buy quality Australian hydration stations you support the Australian economy and workers. 

And, when you buy Australian-made drinking water fountains, you contribute to a business that provides well-crafted, durable goods. A supplier that treats and pays their workers fairly and uses high-quality resources and materials.

Aquafil FlexiFountain

Highly visible and premium drinking fountain

Your standout, slimline drinking water station, perfect for people of all ages and abilities.

Suitable for outdoor urban locations where a highly visible and premium solution is required.

  • Certified Australian Made
  • WaterMark Certified
  • Dual-height water bottle refill nozzles
  • Wheelchair-accessible drinking fountains – optional
  • Dog drinking bowl – optional
  • Filter and chiller – optional
  • Integrated custom signage panels
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Aquafil Pulse

Hygienic and convenient water bottle refill

Concealed bottle refill outlets stop hands from touching and contaminating. Internal drainage helps to keep the surrounding area safe and tidy.

This is your ultimate free-standing drinking water station, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.

  • Certified Australian Made 
  • WaterMark Certified 
  • Inbuilt dual-height water bottle refill nozzles 
  • Drinking fountain bubbler basins- optional 
  • Filter and chiller – optional
  • Integrated custom signage panels 
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Aquafil Solo

Compact and cost-effective fountain and refill

You don’t need a big space – or a big budget – to produce easy access to drinking water.

Suitable for outdoor school campuses and childcare centre environments.

  • Certified Australian Made 
  • WaterMark Certified 
  • Two anti-bacterial bottle refill points 
  • Drinking fountain – optional
  • Integrated custom signage panels 
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Aquafil Hydrobank

Student and school favourite fountain

Are you sick of seeing old, dirty and unhygienic drinking troughs in schools? Meet the new-school trough.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor high traffic areas including schools and sports ovals.

  • Certified Australian Made 
  • WaterMark Certified 
  • 3 Water Bottle Refill Outlets, 3 Fountains in 1 Unit 
  • Wall-mounted, weather- and vandal-resistant design 
  • Inbuilt filter and chiller – optional 
  • Integrated custom signage panels – optional 
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Aquafil Bold

Strong and durable fountain

Need a fountain and bottle refill station that is highly vandal-resistant and low maintenance? The Bold is your 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel answer.

Suitable for even the harshest outdoor environments.

  • Certified Australian Made 
  • WaterMark Certified 
  • 319 Marine grade stainless steel construction 
  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Dog drinking bowl – optional 
  • Custom signage panels – optional 
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