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Parks, Playgrounds and Urban Settings

When you choose a drinking water fountain for your community, you’ll want to select safe and robust products. Products suited to endure the environment to benefit the planet. 

Look for the Australian Made logo when selecting drinking water fountains for your community. 

Aquafil FlexiFountain

Your standout, slimline drinking water station, perfect for people of all ages and abilities.

Suitable for outdoor urban locations where a highly visible and premium solution is required.


  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Dual-height water bottle refill nozzles
  • One or two drinking fountains – optional
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Australian Made Status Aquafil Bold Drinking Water Station

Need a fountain and bottle refill station that is highly vandal-resistant and low maintenance? The Bold is your 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel answer.

Suitable for even the harshest outdoor environments.


  • Wheelchair accessible 
  • Dog drinking bowl – optional 
  • Custom signage panels – optional 
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Aquafil drinking water stations for parks, playgrounds and urban areas

Drinking fountains and bottle refill stations suited for outdoor public environments

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Aquafil drinking water stations are used by hundreds of facilities across Australia.

Recent project case studies

Aquafil drinking fountains have been supplied to different industries to boost drinking water amenities for the community