SKU: AQ-FS2100 (SS)

Aquafil FlexiShower Single-Sided

The Aquafil FlexiShower is our signature 2100mm-high outdoor shower station designed especially for coastal public environments.

Aquafil FlexiShower Single-sided Outdoor Shower can be configured with one shower head space (single-sided) or two (double-sided), and comes with anti-bacterial bottle refill points as well as integrated signage panels as standard. Drinking fountain basins, dog drinking bowls, water meters, foot wash, and filters can also be added.

With a time-flow valve that minimises water waste as well as corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty stainless steel construction, the Aquafil FlexiShower Single-sided is the ideal addition to any public beach or waterfront precinct.

Australian Made & WaterMark Certified Aquafil FlexiShower Single-Sided

The FlexiShower Outdoor Shower and Water Station is Certified Australian Made, and WaterMark Certified.

Key Product Features and Customisation Options

Two Anti-bacterial Bottle Refill Points or 1 Bottle Refill and 1 Foot Wash

One Shower Head (Single Sided)

Disability Friendly Design. Bottle Refill Complies with AS1428.2 1992

Custom Art Panels with UV and Anti-graffiti Protection

Silver-ion Antimicrobial Protection

Food Grade Stainless Steel

External Drainage

Button Activation Placement

Backflow Prevention

Configure yourAquafil FlexiShower Single-Sided

Configuration Options


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Swinging Dog Drinking Bowl

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Side Water Points

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