Aquafil Hydrofil

The easiest way to add 4 bottle refill points to your existing school drinking trough.

Install this wall-mounted bottle filling station as a stand-alone unit. Or, use infrastructure already in place - and install the water station above your existing school drinking trough. The use of existing plumbing makes it an economical solution for schools. Aquafil Hydrofil Wall Mounted School Bottle Filling Station is also highly recommended for busy sporting complexes that want to add bottle refill options in their space.

The unit features HDPE safety edge end panels, a Heavy duty vandal-resistant stainless steel refill nozzles and it comes with the added option of an inbuilt sub-micron or 5-micron filter.

Australian Made & WaterMark Certified Aquafil Hydrofil

The Aquafil Hydrofil Water Bottle Refilling Station is Certified Australian Made, and WaterMark Certified.

Key Product Features and Customisation Options

Four Water Bottle Refill Points

Custom Art Panels with UV and Anti-graffiti Protection

Optional Filter

Stainless Steel Construction and Steel Button

Configure your Aquafil Hydrofil

Configuration Options

Water Filter

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