Cycla Fixit

Comprehensive Bike Repair Station with essential bike repair and maintenance tools. Attach your bike to the Cycla Fixit stand, and make repairs.

Adjust brakes, tune derailleurs, and replace tyres. Secure stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners ensure tools are easy to access and use. Designed and manufactured in USA with patents D680,914 S1 and US 9,498,880 B2.

Cycla Fixit is ideal for public spaces, recreational trails, cycle paths, and end-of-trip facilities.

Configure your Cycla Fixit

Customise the Cycla Fixit Bike Repair and Maintenance Station to your specific requirements.

Product Features

Designed for Harsh Duty Indoor and Outdoor Public Use

Includes Most Commonly Used Tools for Simple Bike Maintenance

Hanger Arms Accommodate Most Types of Bikes

Tools are Secured with Braided Stainless Steel Aircraft Cables That Store Neatly Within the Stand

Screwdrivers and Allen Wrenches are on Swivel Connectors for Ease of Use

High Security Tamper Resistant Fasteners Supplied

Large Surface area for Graphics, Branding, or Wayfinding Signage

Designed and Manufactured in USA. Patents D680,914 S1 and US 9,498,880 B2

Configure your Cycla Fixit

Configuration Options

Branded Graphic Wrap

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