Berala Public School: Case Study

Berala Public School Students refilling their water bottle at an Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Trough

Leading the Way: Aboriginal Art Drinking Water Stations

Berala Public School is a multicultural community. Over 90% of its students come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Naturally, fostering inclusivity is a focus at the school. What’s more, the school is making waves in the education sector. They recently installed new, state-of-the-art drinking water stations featuring Aboriginal Art. Want to know their key goal?

Berala Public School’s Key Goal 

Make drinking water more attractive! They achieved this by offering water bottle refill options. The drinking water stations all feature stunning school Aboriginal Art. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the school’s rich cultural diversity.

Student from Berala Public School enjoying drinking on their Aquafil Drinking Fountain, that is upgraded with their School Aboriginal Art.

Innovative Drinking Water Solutions Featuring Aboriginal Art

To address these challenges, the school decided to upgrade their drinking facilities. After doing research into drinking water solutions, they turned to Civiq for help.  Civiq recommended several products to offer easy access to fresh and clean water throughout the school’s campus. Civiq also offers the opportunity to feature Authentic Aboriginal Art by Luke Penrith on the Aquafil by Civiq stations.

Hydrobank School Drinking Trough

First, the school chose to install the wall-mounted Hydrobank School Drinking Trough. This station provides 3 fountains and 3 bottle refill options in 1 hygienic water station.  This is an ideal solution when you have many students seeking to access water at the same time. The drinking trough features a large panel displaying vibrantly coloured Aboriginal Art.

Aquafil Hydrobank School Drinking Trough with Green School Aboriginal Art

Solo Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Station

Secondly, the school wanted to include access to water near the play and P.E.  space where students like to gather. The compact and cost-effective Solo drinking fountain and bottle refill station suited the brief perfectly. Small in size, it comes packed with 2 places to refill a bottle and 1  fountain. The green Aboriginal Art suits the schools mural and makes for an attractive feature in the landscape. 

Aquafil Drinking Water Station with Green School Aboriginal Art template installed at Berala Public School

Hydrofil Bottle Refill Station

Lastly, they selected the wall mounted Hydrofil. This drinking water station includes 4 bottle refill points. The unit can be mounted above the existing plumbing infrastructure. This makes for a cost-effective and hygienic way to add more options to refill a water bottle. Again, Aboriginal Art adds an attractive element to the space.

The school made good use of their existing trough. The Hydrofil adds style and convenient bottle refill points whilst saving costs. (Printed structure is the Hydrofil, and the plain metal is the old drinking trough, catching any spills)
The school made good use of their existing trough with new aboriginal art. The Hydrofil adds style and convenient bottle refill points whilst saving costs. (Printed structure is the Hydrofil, and the plain metal is the old drinking trough, catching any spills)

Celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture

The school now boasts hygienic and stunning drinking water solutions. As a result, the hydration stations have quickly become a hit with students. They offer a variety of options for refilling water bottles. At the same time, Aboriginal Art adds a unique cultural touch, celebrating Australian Art and Culture. This reflects the school’s commitment to diversity and reconciliation.

Student Satisfaction

The young learners at the school are thrilled with the new facilities. When it’s time for recess, the stations are the first thing they run to! This is a testament to the success of Berala Public School’s initiative. The new drinking water stations promote healthy habits.  At the same time, the new facilities reduce the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles. Moreover, the drinking water stations provide a platform to celebrate Aboriginal Art and Culture!

Berala Public School Students refilling their water bottle at Aquafil Drinking Water Stations with School Aboriginal Art

Leading by Example with Sustainable and Hygienic Solutions

Berala Public School did a fantastic job upgrading their drinking facilities. They made things better for the environment and helped students form healthy habits. They did it by adding user-friendly, hygienic and sustainable water stations. And they even added cool art celebrating Aboriginal Art and Culture. Schools like Berala Public School create a welcoming and inclusive environment by honouring diversity through art and culture. 

Every Drop Makes a Difference

In conclusion, Berala Public School’s investment in hygienic and sustainable drinking solutions is commendable. The school’s success shows that a small change can make a big difference, and the benefits are clear. With their new facilities, the school leads by example and inspires others to do the same.

Aquafil Hydrobank with School Aboriginal Art tempate

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