Access To Drinking Water Is A Priority At New School


Access to fresh and clean drinking water is so important for living and learning. For this very reason, this school, Aldinga Payinthi College, made the inclusion of drinking water facilities a priority. They wanted to ensure learners could access water easily and quickly. And without the need to leave their learning spaces. 

A place where everyone can seek to learn, connect, and grow

Principal Alison Colbeck said the contemporary design visualises the new school’s beliefs. This includes being integrative, universal, and accessible. It is a place where everyone can seek to learn, connect, and grow. 

The Elkay EZH2O Bi-Level Water Bottle Refilling Station has a Disability-friendly design

Easy access to drinking water around the school 

The school wanted to install drinking water stations all around the school grounds. These included places located both indoors and outdoors. For this reason, they chose two products from the world-class Elkay range. These products can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Civiq is the Authorised distributor for Elkay in Australia. 

Green Ticker counts single-use plastic water bottles saved

The Vandal Resistant drinking water stations offer filtered water. Learners can access water both through a bubbler and via bottle refill points.  Teachers and students love seeing the Green Ticker counting the plastic water bottles saved from waste. It has really helped everyone think more about sustainability. And it has made them think about how they can reduce their own global footprint.  

Over 8,000 single-use plastic water bottles saved every week

Over 30 drinking water stations were installed at the school. These stations currently serve around 600 students. This number of students is anticipated to grow to 1675 students by 2026. By that time, we anticipate that over 8,000 plastic bottles are saved every week. Installing these hydration stations greatly reduces waste. A win for everyone!

Staying hydrated is so important for learning.  Could your school improve where they place their drinking fountains? 

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