Refreshing Travel: Civiq and Adelaide Airport’s Sustainable Drinking Water Partnership

A Thirsty Concern at Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport, always attentive to travellers’ needs, discovered a concern through a 2016 survey. They learned travellers felt there was a lack of accessible drinking water amenities. The survey highlighted a missing piece in the travel puzzle: no designated area to refill water bottles before catching a flight.

Sustainable Sipping Solutions by the Authorised Distributor of Elkay Products

Enter Civiq, the sustainability-minded innovators and the Authorised distributors of Elkay in Australia. Adelaide Airport approached Civiq for a durable, high-use solution that seamlessly integrates with the modern terminal architecture. Civiq offered various solutions, presenting Elkay’s SwirlFlo Bi-level Fountain with an Integral EZH2O Bottle Filling Station as the prime choice. It wasn’t just about quenching thirst but doing so with style and efficiency.

Adelaide Airport Drinking Water Stations

The Winning Features of the Elkay Swirl-Flo

Adelaide Airport chose the Elkay SwirlFlo for its all-in-one design, including a drinking fountain, bottle refill functionality, built-in refrigeration, water filtration, and sleek aesthetics. A win-win for both form and function.

Inclusive Hydration with DDA-compliant design

The dual-height design of the fountain basins ensures easy access for everyone, from young children to wheelchair users. A touch-free sensor at the bottle filler provides a quick, hands-free way to refill bottles. Plus, the in-wall installation gives a polished, seamless look.

A Proactive Response to Customer Feedback

Civiq’s Sales Representative, Brittany Thompson, collaborated with the airport’s facility managers to ensure a smooth product selection and installation. Thompson commended Adelaide Airport for their proactive response to customer feedback, stating, “The Elkay SwirlFlo EZH2O is a great fit for the airport environment because it provides everyone with easy access to drinking water.”

Eco-Friendly Travelling Takes Offf

The six Elkay SwirlFlo EZH2O stations now grace both domestic and international terminals. Strategically located in easily identifiable zones, these stations keep travellers hydrated and steer them away from single-use plastic waste. This is a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable travel experience.

Elkay Drinking Water Stations installed in Aquatic Centre

Conclusion: Sip, Refill, Repeat

With Civiq and Adelaide Airport’s partnership, travellers now enjoy a refreshed and sustainable journey. The premium dual-height drinking fountains cater to everyone and promote a conscious shift away from single-use plastic. Cheers to staying hydrated and reducing waste, one refill at a time!

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