Caloundra Indoor Stadium provides athletes with Fresh Drinking Water

Aquafil Hydrobank triple nozzle wall mounted drinking fountain & bottle refill station Installed at Caloundra Indoor Stadium

The team at Civiq collaborated with Caloundra Indoor Stadium & Sunshine Coast Council to deliver an innovative new drinking water fountain and bottle refill station in the centre.

Caloundra Indoor Stadium, located on Queensland’s Golden beach, wanted to provide easily- accessible drinking water stations for more than 1700 daily users to ensure they are kept hydrated while enjoying the centre facilities.

The council believes that drinking water stations are an environmentally-friendly and economical solution for visitors, who will be able to access water without having to purchase plastic single-use bottled water.

Hosting many regular sporting events including netball, badminton, basketball, futsal and volleyball, the local governing body set out to motivate people into staying physically active and hydrated while they enjoyed the upgraded venue facility.

The Sunshine Coast Council contacted Civiq to seek a premium water dispensing solution to cater for large numbers of people. The drinking water station needed to be strong, stainless steel vandal-resistant and corrosion resistant to maintain a long service life in the coastal environment.

Civiq recommended the Aquafil Hydrobank wall-mounted drinking fountain and bottle refill station due to its size and efficiency, allowing up to 6 people to use the station at a time.

Front View of The Aqaufil Hydrobank wall mounted drinking fountain that is Installed at Caloundra Indoor Stadium

The station is equipped with a triple nozzle feature which consists of three anti-bacterial bottle refill points and three drinking fountains and can be easily accessed by all users.

The Hydrobank is an innovative new product, which is designed and manufactured by Civiq’s Sydney based team. The product has optional inbuilt filtering and refrigeration mechanisms, allowing for extra pure, chilled drinking water. It also features a choice of 9 different end-panel colour options. Caloundra Indoor Stadium chose a blue end panel option to go with their outdoor settings.

The permanent drinking water station was installed in June 2018, adjacent to the outdoor netball courts, allowing easy access for athletes to stay hydrated before, during and after games.

Project Support Officer, Kyle Pereto, voiced his views on the Hydrobank product.

“Everyone has been extremely pleased with the product, so great job to the Civiq team. It’s nice to bring a new quality product into council”

Pereto finished off by saying “Overall I would definitely be more than happy to stay in contact with Civiq and consider using [their] product range in future projects”.

The Aquafil Hydrobank is now in operation at the Caloundra Indoor Stadium. Not only is the drinking station keeping athletes thirst satisfied, it is also encouraging healthy hydration over artificial sugary drinks and reducing unwanted plastic waste by supporting refilling over single-use drink bottles.

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