COX Chooses Robust Bold Drinking Fountain: Allianz Stadium

Elevate your game day

Allianz Stadium’s 2022 redevelopment by COX Architecture elevates your game-day experience. Moreover, it reshaped the heart of Sydney’s Moore Park precinct. The 8.7Ha $730 million redevelopment delivered a vibrant leisure, sports, and community connection hub. As drinking fountain fanatics, we’d like to spotlight the hydration hero of this architectural phoenix. This robust, stainless steel hydration hero that’s as ingenious as the stadium itself. Let’s talk about the Bold drinking water fountain with bottle filler, and why COX Architecture chose to specify this fountain.

Allianz Stadium boasts the Civiq Aquafil Bold stainless drinking water station—an epitome of modern design seamlessly combined with practical functionality.

From Crowds to Community: The Fountain at the Heart of Connection

While sporting events take centre stage, Allianz Stadium now thrives as a “stadium in the park”. The space embraces the lush green expanse of Moore Park. The redeveloped Allianz Stadium rewards match-day and event patrons. Sports lovers are rewarded with a rich and engaging experience. In turn, this invites regular use by neighbouring residents. The stadium attracts a city-wide, year-round patronage of a remarkable public space. COX Architecture specified the Bold Drinking Fountain for this prestigious project. Interspaced throughout the grounds, the Bold drinking water fountain embodies the stadium’s welcoming spirit. Its accessible design, complete with a dog bowl and water bottle refill outlet, caters to both human and hound. This is key to fostering a sense of shared public enjoyment.

At Allianz Stadium, the Aquafil Bold stainless drinking water station by Civiq exemplifies a harmonious blend of modern design and practicality.

Accessible Hydration: A Challenge for Public Space Planners and Designers.

Traditional drinking fountains often fall short in several key areas. They’re unappealing, do not have a bottle filler and are difficult for people with disabilities to use. Likewise, they lack features that cater to diverse needs. Additionally, hygiene concerns and water wastage are common complaints. In collaboration with Allianz Stadium management, Cox Architecture sought to overcome these challenges. They wanted a solution that prioritises form, function, and inclusivity. With this in mind, they chose the Bold Drinking Fountain.

The Accessible Answer: The Bold Drinking Fountain

Civiq’s Bold drinking fountain, manufactured from durable 316 stainless steel, is a testament to innovative design. Its sleek, robust form seamlessly integrates into the stadium’s modern aesthetic. But the true brilliance lies in its functionality:

Bold Brilliance at Allianz Stadium

  • DDA compliance: The fountain’s low-profile design and easy-to-operate levers ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. The Bold drinking fountain adheres to DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) regulations.
  • Swinging dog bowl: A clean and clever addition, the swinging dog bowl caters to furry companions. This promotes pet-friendliness and responsible hydration for all.
  • Water bottle refill outlet: The Bold drinking fountain encourages sustainability by making refilling a reusable water bottle easy.  This reduces plastic waste and promotes environmental consciousness.
  • 316 Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain: A high-quality drinking fountain made from marine grade stainless steel, provides patrons with a low maintenance, clean and refreshing water station.
At the forefront of Allianz Stadium, Cox Architecture's distinctive design shines. The Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain, specified by the architects, adds a touch of modern elegance to the stadium's entrance.

Beyond Abilities, Beyond Thirst: Bold Drinking Fountain

Accessibility is paramount at Allianz Stadium. The Bold’s DDA compliance ensures everyone can easily stay hydrated, regardless of ability. This aligns with the “fans-first” approach that permeates the entire design.  It creates a welcoming space for all community members to gather and socialise.

The Allianz Stadium entrance reveals a striking architectural design crafted by Cox Architecture. A prominent feature at the entrance is the sophisticated Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain, meticulously specified by the architects.

Beyond Leisure: The Power of Public Space

The design amplifies  Sydney’s ability to host big sports and entertainment events. While also creating public spaces for everyone to enjoy year-round. With its sleek and stylish design, the Stainless Steel Bold invigorates the spectrum. This further reinforces the stadium’s commitment to be a vital part of Sydney’s social fabric.

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