Custom Hydration Stations

Custom Hydration Stations Aquafil Flexifountain 2100BF Along The Canberra Light Rail

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Safe, healthy, and invigorating experiences create happy communities, in which people truly love where they live, learn, work and play. A well-planned, designed, and managed public space should include access to fresh and clean drinking water. Civiq works with you to develop custom hydration stations to suit different project requirements and design aesthetics.

Custom Hydration Stations Aquafil flexifountain in gold finished

A tailored hydration solution for you and your end-user

There are several ways in which Civiq ensures the products you select are tailored to your need and fit-for-purpose. We are passionate about devising the ideal solution to guarantee a great experience for you, and your end-user. Working closely with you, and other experts in the industry, we deliver customised solutions, tailored to suit your space, purpose, and design aesthetic.

Unique Graphics: Connect your end-user with your brand, purpose or simply add a splash of colour through the application of personalised artwork on the Aquafil range.  

Tailored designMeet the specific needs of your project and end-user by tailoring your own solution from a suite of proven products.

Custom solutions: Bring your vision to life by designing your own hydration solution through our local manufacturing and design capabilities. *

A Custom Hydration Stations installed at Canberra Metro Rail Station

A diverse range of custom hydration stations to suit varying scopes and budgets

We are an Australian owned family company, and we design and manufacture a range of products from our Sydney-based facilities.

Because every project is unique, our large and diverse range of products and solutions has been developed to suit varying project scopes and budgets. We collaborate with local councils, water authorities, architects, interior designers, developers, plumbers, and builders, turning visions into reality.

Project: Sydney Metro Northwest | NSW

a woman drinking in Aquafil Elegri premium drinking fountain

Sydney Metro Northwest is a rapid transit link to the north-western suburbs of Sydney. The construction of eight new railway stations along the line was completed in 2019.

Aquafil Elegri Drinking Fountain installed at Metro Rail Station

Civiq collaborated with Hassell Architects and Fleetwood Urban in the design and manufacture of the brand-new Aquafil Elegri – a sleek stainless-steel fountain that suited the design aesthetic of the new stations.

*Custom design opportunities are available dependent on project size and budget. Get in touch to learn more about our process.

Project: Canberra Metro Light Rail Stage 1 | ACT

a man refilling his water bottle at an Aquafil Drinking Fountain installed at Canberra Metro Rail Station
  • Client: Canberra Metro
  • Architect: Architectus
  • Scope: Design hydration stations to fit in with the projects specific design aesthetic
  • Product: Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF
  • Customised option: Modifications to existing product
Elegant drinking fountain installed at Canberra Metro Rail Stations

Result: The existing Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF was adapted to be rectangular in design complete with custom patterned stainless-steel sheeting with a bronze electro-plating finish.

Project: Grand Pacific Walk Free Water Project | NSW

a woman refilling her water bottle on an Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed at Grand Pacific Walk

Result: Visually stunning and eye-catching units decorated with original artwork created by students from local primary schools encourage visitors to stay hydrated along the scenic walk. This creates a strong sense of welcome in the local community.

“The new [Aquafil FlexiFountain] water refilling stations are a great way for people to make the most of the outdoors and stay hydrated when exploring some of our foreshore parks along the coastal pathway. We’re all used to carrying re-usable water bottles with us and this makes it easier for them to stay topped up.”

–  Wollongong City Lord Mayor Councillor Gordon Bradbery AM
a new Aquafil FlexiFountain water refilling stations installed at a beach front in Wollongong City

Provide acces to free and fresh drinking water 

A well-planned, designed, and managed public space should include access to fresh and clean drinking water. But just as important are handwashing facilities to keep the community safe, public showers to provide refreshment, secure bike parking and bicycle repair stations to support efficient urban mobility and wayfinding signage.

We would love to discuss your requirements, please get in touch via the link below.

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