Civiq and Choose TAP Work Together to Eliminate Plastic Waste

a drinking water stations with wayfinding signage installed in a park as Civiq and Choose Tap work together to eliminate plastic waste

The ChooseTAP coalition is a network of Australia’s leading water suppliers. The organization and its members are working hard together to create better outcomes for the environment and communities, focusing on reducing single-use plastic waste from the landfill by making drinkable tap water available in communities.

Civiq and Choose TAP supports its members by ensuring that they can leverage on their national brand’s strength, provide access to nationwide market research and strategy, share and collaborate with an experienced group of like-minded partners, among other efforts.

Aquafil by Civiq Drinking Water Station installed in park

Civiq and Choose TAP strongly believes that providing access to clean and drinkable tap water everywhere will reduce single-use plastic bottles from waste. To be able to do this, our products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Silverwater, NSW, which means that we consider the harsh elements of the Australian outdoor environment when choosing the right materials for our products. Our outdoor drinking water stations are made with marine grade stainless steel making them the ideal solution for every Australian community.

With our aligned values, Civiq has been supporting ChooseTAP members since 2011. We believe in supplying drinking water stations to eliminate single-use plastic waste to sustain healthy and happy communities.

ChooseTAP members are conscious of their responsibility to provide safe, clean, and accessible drinking water stations to their communities, which is why the coalition has installed multiple WaterMark Certified Aquafil drinking stations. According to Chloe Erftemyer, Choose TAP Marketing, and Relationship Manager,

“Civiq’s products are chosen for the community projects due to the accessible design of the stations.”

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