Epping Boys High School upgrades drinking fountains for students

Epping Boys High School Level Up Their Hydration Game

Forget lukewarm water and overpriced bottled drinks. Epping Boys High School just upped their hydration game with awesome new refill stations.

Civiq drinking fountain and water refilling station installed at Epping Boys High School

Making Waves with Chilled Water

Partnering with Civiq, the school installed vandal-resistant stations that dispense super cool, refreshing water. They selected the Elkay EZH20 Vandal-Resistant Bottle Refill Station with Single Drinking Fountain because of its extra heavy duty design, suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. Perfect for tackling those hot Sydney days and keeping the boys energised during sports and study sessions.

A staff refilling his water bottle with the Elkay EZH20 Drinking Water Station
Custom water bottle supplied by Epping Boys High School utilised to stay hydrated

A Double Win: Healthier Students and a Greener School

The initiative has been a big success.  Due to the high demand of the bottle refilling feature, the school provided all year 7 students with an Epping Boys High School water bottle, allowing them to refill on the go. With the new water stations up and running, bottled water sales in the canteen have dropped by a whopping 80%! This not only saves students money. It also significantly reduces plastic bottle waste, contributing to a more sustainable school environment.

“It is important to note how popular the chilled water station has been with students. They are keen for more” says P&C President, Sue Day

Elkay EZH20 Vandal Resistant Drinking Water Station installed outside school canteen
Elkay EZH20 Vandal Resistant unit installed outside school canteen

High-Tech Features for the Win

These aren’t your average water fountains.  They have a built-in filter for clean water and even show how many bottles have been refilled on an LED display. Plus, they tell you when it’s time to change the filter –  super smart 😎

Epping Boys High School consume over 26,928 liters of water from Elkay EZH20 Drinking Water Station since installation
Epping Boys High School consume over 26,000 litres of water since installation in early 2018

More Stations on the Way: Keeping Up with the Demand

The popularity of the new stations is clear. Students love the easy access to clean, refreshing water.  The school, seeing the positive impact, plans to install even more drinking water stations later this year. This will ensure all students have convenient access to hydration throughout their school day.

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