Epping Boys High School upgrades drinking fountain station for students

Civiq drinking fountain and water refilling station installed at Epping Boys High School

Northern Suburbs High School collaborated with Civiq to encourage students to increase their water intake and put money back in their pockets by reducing the spend on bottled drinks.

Located in North-West Sydney, Epping Boys High School wanted to provide students with sustainable, chilled water with a drinking fountain and bottle refill station supplied by Civiq.

Elkay EZH20 Vandal Resistant Drinking Water Station installed outside school canteen
Elkay EZH20 Vandal Resistant unit installed outside school canteen

The school intended to install two drinking fountain stations, as their goal was to keep students hydrated for sport and study, as part of a number of actions to address obesity, welfare and equity on- campus. The first drinking fountain station was purchased and installed at the end of November 2017, with a second in 2018 which was funded by the Schools Parents & Citizens Association.

The school wanted to provide students with clean drinking water and save them money by reducing plastic bottle usage. This ultimately allowed students to use their money on other canteen product, raising more money for the school allowing them to fund other school facilities.

The drinking water stations needed to be accessible to students in close proximity to sporting facilities and grounds as well as during their break times.

Epping Boys High School consume over 26,928 liters of water from Elkay EZH20 Drinking Water Station since installation
Epping Boys High School consume over 26,000 litres of water since installation in early 2018

The public school contacted Civiq seeking a premium, vandal resistant drinking water solution to cater to both indoor and outdoor environments. They also wanted a chilled water feature, to cater for the hotter months of the year.

The school contacted Civiq due to the company’s excellent reputation in the supply of drinking water stations.

Civiq recommended the Elkay EZH20 Vandal-Resistant Bottle Refill Station with Single Drinking Fountain because of its extra heavy duty design, suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. The product features in-built water filtration and chilling, providing refrigerated water to both the fountain and bottle refill outlets.

The product also features an innovative LED display, which indicates the number of bottles refilled throughout its service life. It also indicates when the inbuilt filter needs to be replaced.

Due to the high demand of the bottle refilling feature, the school provided all year 7 students with an Epping Boys High School water bottle, allowing them to refill on the go.

A staff refilling his water bottle with the Elkay EZH20 Drinking Water Station
Custom water bottle supplied by Epping Boys High School utilised to stay hydrated

“It is important to note how popular the chilled water station has been with students. They are keen for more” says P&C President, Sue Day

Since installation, the water stations have performed over 10,000 refills per term. According to school managers, canteen sales of bottled water at Epping Boys High School has dropped by about 80% since the drinking water stations were introduced – saving the boys money and reducing plastic bottle waste. The High School expects to install five Aquafil FlexiFountain 1500BF drinking water stations later in the year.

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