Keeping Coffs’ Kids Hydrated with Elkay Drinking Fountains

Family Link Centre student drinking on their brand new installed Elkay Softsides Single Drinking Fountain

Family Link Childcare Centre (Coffs Harbour) wanted to provide easy access to drinking water for children in their care and were drawn to the Elkay drinking water fountains supplied by Civiq. The centre’s facilities were previously not equipped with accessible drinking water options for their students with an exception for the hard-to-reach kitchen tap, and not every child brought water bottles with them to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Civiq’s extensive range of Aquafil and Elkay drinking water stations were of appeal to the childcare centre staff. The Civiq range includes indoor (Elkay) and outdoor (Aquafil) water bottle refill and drinking fountain bubbler stations, with options for chilled/refrigerated and/or filtered water.

The Civiq team worked with staff to recommend a suitable drinking fountain to meet the unique needs of the early childhood setting. The centre chose the Elkay SoftSides® Single because of its ability to be easily installed at a reduced height in an indoor setting, as well as its easy-to-use front push button.

The product also features a safe and hygienic anti-microbial drinking nozzle for safety and a contoured basin for splash resistance.

Although the Elkay SoftSides product is available with an in-built refrigeration and filtration option, the Centre chose the standard non-refrigerated model due to its lower maintenance requirements and simplicity of plumbing installation.

The Elkay product has since been installed along the wall in the main play area of the centre and has been enhanced with a brightly flowering pot plant directly underneath it.

“The Elkay SoftSides range is extremely popular with childcare centres”, explains Civiq Sales staff member Brittany Thompson.

“The Elkay product is very economical, and you can install it along an indoor or sheltered outdoor wall at any height. There are no sharp edges or exposed connections, and the plumbing is quick and easy to install in existing facilities”.

Children at the Family Link Childcare Centre now have a readily available Elkay drinking fountain on the premises that delivers fresh drinking water throughout the day. Parents can be confident that their children can access a reliable and safe source of drinking water at the centre, while the Centre is doing its bit in promoting healthy hydration to its students.

The drinking fountain also supports the centre’s vision for sustainability by reducing the waste caused by single-use plastic bottles.

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