Fitness Playground Installs Elkay Drinking Water Stations

Elkay Drinking Water Stations Reduce Single-Use Plastics in World-Class Gyms

Fitness Playground: World-Class Gyms in Sydney and Darwin

The company’s co-founders are Australian Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021. Their gym company won the international fitness and wellness ‘Boutique of the Year’ award. They also installed world-class Elkay drinking fountains in all their gyms.

What makes Fitness Playground so special?

Inspiring change and doing your bit for the environment

The team at Fitness Playground created a motivating and welcoming space far beyond what you would expect from your typical gym. They have created a space that resembles a luxurious hotel or day spa. Their gyms beam with natural light, rounded edges, and arched doorways. Terrazzo finishes and impactful glass and mirrors feature throughout. And every Fitness Playground Gym features an Elkay drinking water fountain, providing easy access to fresh and clean drinking water.

Fitness Playground in Australia

“For us, inspiring change has three parts,” says Ashley. “One, transforming the industry. We can help inspire improvements in fitness industry services and delivery. The industry can lead the way.”
“We chose to add water stations to all our gyms, so members can easily refill their reusable water bottles. That way, they do not need to buy water bottles from the shops. From a sustainability point of view, it’s great.”

Why Fitness Playground Chose to install Elkay Drinking Water Stations

Everything that Fitness Playground does is about inspiring change. They inspire change for members and staff – and as a result, for the industry as a whole. The beautiful look of the gym and its unique services make people want to come. The quality of the classes, the coaches – and the incredible community they create – is what keeps them coming back.

Inside of Fitness Playground in Australia

Reduce dependence on single-use plastic

Attention to detail is what elevates every member’s experience.

Elkay delivers world-class drinking water solutions to businesses around the globe. Civiq is the only official distributor of Elkay products in Australia. The compact, easy-to-install and reliable stations are popular with gyms and other businesses looking to reduce their dependence on single-use plastic.

Auto Sensors ensure a hygienic experience for all

Features that members and staff love with these water fountains are the auto-sensors. It’s all about hygiene. Many people were nervous about returning to the gym, especially coming out of Covid.

The auto-sensors mean members can come in confidently. You don’t have to touch anything. And it automatically fills your bottles

A gym goer of Fitness Australia refilling his Water Bottle at an Elkay Drinking Water Station

Local Support ensure drinking water stations perform at their best

Working with Civiq means that the gym can rely on a local network of installers to undertake maintenance and filter changes. This ensures the drinking water stations always perform at their best.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics in Your Gym With Drinking Fountains

Are you looking to reduce your global footprint and reduce single-use plastic waste? Want to take your members’ experience to the next level?

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