Refreshing Hydration: Gold Coast’s New Drinking Water Stations

Stay hydrated while helping the planet with the City of Gold Coast’s Council innovative water solutions.

A Partnership for Health and Sustainability

Civiq and the City of Gold Coast Council have teamed up. Together they bring you fourteen permanent drinking water stations along the beautiful coastline.

Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed at City of Gold Coast

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle and Environmental Consciousness

The City of Gold Coast’s Water and Waste division wanted to provide convenient amenities and reduce plastic bottle waste. They partnered with Civiq and Yarra Valley Water’s “Choose Tap” initiative. And found the perfect water dispensing solution. And despite a tight timeline, they made it happen!

The Aquafil 2100BF: Designed for Durability and Style

Civiq recommended the Aquafil 2100BF drinking fountain and water bottle refilling station. Why? Well, it has a sleek design that fits perfectly in outdoor spaces. Moreover, it can withstand the coastal environment. Made of strong stainless steel, it’s corrosion-resistant. Even in salty coastal areas! With its height of 2100mm, there’s ample space for custom messages on the signage panel.

Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed at Gold Coast Precinct Station

Inclusivity and Convenience for All

These hydration stations have two water bottle refill nozzles on each side. This helps make it easy for everyone to stay hydrated. The drinking fountain basin is accessible to children and wheelchair users, ensuring inclusivity. Some stations even have swinging dog bowls for our furry friends.

Strategically Placed for Maximum Impact

Fourteen permanent hydration stations are now installed throughout Gold Coast. Starting at Coomera Indoor Sports Centre and extending to popular areas like South Port, Surfers Paradise Esplanade, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, and Rainbow Bay. The locations were chosen based on foot traffic. Added to that was the influx of visitors expected during the Commonwealth Games.

Mayor’s Endorsement and Future Expansion

Tom Tate, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast, tried the new water refilling stations. He emphasised the importance of providing water amenities in public spaces. He stated, “Water is essential for life.” And the City of Gold Coast plans to continue. They will continue exploring more parks and installing more drinking fountains.

Semi-Portable Units for the Commonwealth Games and Beyond

For the Commonwealth Games, six semi-portable units have been strategically placed. These units provide spectators with easy access to fresh drinking water outside the sporting event venues. After the Games, they will be transformed into fixed free-standing stations. This will enhance parks and outdoor locations across the Gold Coast metro and coastal regions.

Promoting Health, Hydration, and Environmental Stewardship

Thanks to these innovative drinking water stations, Gold Coast residents and visitors now have plenty of opportunities to stay hydrated. It’s easier than ever to choose a healthier drink. Thanks to bottle refill nozzles and drinking fountain bubblers scattered throughout the region. And let’s remember the positive impact on the environment. Reuse your personal water bottles. And you’re reducing plastic waste and making a difference.

Quench Your Thirst, Make a Difference

Next time you’re walking along the coast, take a moment to hydrate at one of Gold Coast’s refreshing drinking water stations. Stay healthy, stay hydrated, and let’s work together to create a sustainable future!

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