Rockin’ Elkay Water Solutions at Hard rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia Hits a High Note with Drinking Fountains

Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia has installed drinking fountain and water refilling stations. They’re rocking the water game and ditching plastic waste.

Huge gold guitar statue placed on the entrance of Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia

Combine Luxury and Refreshment

Located just a short drive from Singapore, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast offers a fantastic experience for families, honeymooners, groups, and business travellers. Guest satisfaction is their priority. As a result, they now provide convenient and easily accessible drinking water options.

Join Forces with Elkay

Hard Rock Hotel partnered with Elkay, a leading water solutions provider, to meet this challenge. Their goal was to offer fresh, filtered water stations in high-traffic areas of the hotel, creating the perfect blend of luxury and refreshment.

Entrance in Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia featuring Elkay Drinking Water Stations

The Perfect Choice: Elkay EZH20 and Easy Touch!

After exploring various options, the hotel selected Elkay EZH20 Bottle Filling Station with a single drinking fountain and Elkay Easy Touch Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain. These stylish, durable, stainless steel units look great and ensure long-lasting performance. Equipped with built-in filters and refrigeration, they even feature a nifty green ticker that counts the number of saved bottles. Thats how they celebrate guests rockin’ the eco-friendly way.

An art design with a Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast caption placed on the entrance of the hotel

More Than Just Water

Elkay’s bottle-filling stations and drinking water fountains provide free access to chilled and filtered water. This saves guests money and promotes a healthier choice. It’s a win-win situation that reduces plastic waste while keeping guests rocking and hydrated.

Guest drinking and utilising Elkay wall mounted Water Station

Toast to a Sustainable Future

Thanks to Elkay’s water solutions, Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast Malaysia is hitting all the right notes—sustainability, guest satisfaction, and cost savings. Embrace these innovative amenities that quench thirst, protect the planet, and keep wallets happy.

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