Fill Up Your Bottles… (Or Buckets) at KFC

Drinking Water Station installed at KFC Alice Springs Branch

Aquafil Pulse Bottle Refill Station Hydrates Alice Springs

In 1930, in a humble service station in Corbin, Kentucky, 40-year old Harland Sanders began feeding hungry travelers. Today, KFC is one of the world’s most recognised brands. Sam Edelman runs a finger-lickin’ good restaurant in Alice Springs and Sam, much like the KFC founder, likes to think big.

Alice Springs is known for being hot and dry. But this KFC franchisee is changing that. Well… kinda! He wants to see everyone walking past his Michelin-worthy restaurant to be able to fill not just their buckets. He also wants everyone to fill their bottles. And to stay well hydrated. 

KFC logo on Aquafil Drinking Water Stations installed at Alice Springs Branch

Providing Alice Springs with fresh and clean drinking water 

Sam’s establishment is said to be the most remote KFC in the world, located around 1200km from the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken.  

Passionate about the environment, giving back to the community, and providing his customers with the best service – he went on another mission. He made sure that everyone in the community has easy access to fresh and clean drinking water.  

Drinking water in summer can be around 30 degrees. It is not very tasty to drink water at that temperature. So Sam needed more than just a tap. He needed a drinking water station that provided chilled water. 

A man refilling his water bottle on new Drinking Fountain installed at KFC Alice Springs Branch

Why KFC owner Sam chose Aquafil by Civiq

Making sure that everyone would be able to feel free to use the drinking water station was important to Sam. He also wanted a solution that was hygienic and easy to install and maintain. 

On top of that, he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the water was ice cold and super fresh. 

Sam wanted to install his drinking water station right outside the entrance to Alice Springs KFC. This high-traffic location made the Aquafil by Civiq Pulse Hydration Station a perfect choice. It comes with a chiller, and large, interchangeable artwork panels. Added bonus is that this drinking water station is easy to install and maintain.

The internal drainage even makes it suitable for installation in both indoor and outdoor locations. For Sam and his customers, this means that there is no run-off of water on the ground. Internal drainage keeps the ground around the station as dry as you’d expect in Alice Springs. 

KFC Signage Bucket in Alice Springs Branch

How custom art panels invite everyone to refill their bottles at KFC in Alice Springs 

After deciding on a drinking fountain that suited to a busy walkway, it was time to start designing the artwork panels. Working with an easy-to-use artwork template and artwork instructions he quickly worked on his idea. The design was then approved by the KFC legal team. ‘Fill up your buckets or your bottles, with ice cold water’ is a fantastic way to invite everyone to stay hydrated. It encourages everyone to refill and reuse their bottles, and stay hydrated whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings in Alice Springs. 

Fill up your bottles or buckets custom art panels signage on newly installed Aquafil Drinking Fountain

Aquafil water bottle refill station delivers results for the Alice Springs community 

Customers have found it to be a convenient source of cold drinking water. Anytime they need. They come for a meal at KFC. And before they go out and explore more of Alice Springs, they refill their bottles with ice-cold water. It helps them to stay hydrated! 

The slogan was chosen to keep the station accessible to everyone. It’s fun and cheeky, like KFC. That way everyone can feel comfortable using the station. This way, Sam and his KFC branded drinking water station are helping to minimise waste. It encourages people to use bottles they already have. All because Sam has made it convenient to refill them! 

It’s very convenient, very easy to maintain. It has internal drainage, which means we don’t end up with a mess of water on the ground. Graffiti can be wiped almost straight away, very easily. It’s great and easy to use – Sam Edelman – KFC Owner, Alice Springs.

Customer of KFC can now refill their water bottle for free

Support your community.

And the environment.

With fresh and clean drinking water.

Do you own a restaurant? Do you see a lot of foot traffic? Are you keen to support your community and help the environment? Our drinking water stations offer the opportunity for personal messaging and branding. This way your investment in the health and happiness of your community is a win-win for everyone.

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