Revamping School Drinking Fountains: Knox Grammar Quenches Thirst

Knox Grammar School Partners with Civiq for Refreshing Solution

At Knox Grammar School, they believe easy access to drinking water for students is essential, they wanted to increase the number of drinking fountain stations across their campuses. And let me tell you, it’s been a fantastic success!

Knox Grammar School Students utilising Aquafil Pulse Bubbler Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refilling Station from Civiq

Drinking Fountains Tailored to Suit All Students

Knox Grammar School manages three main campuses for their Prep and Senior school students. Learners of different ages growing at different heights. This meant they needed a drinking water solution that could cater to everyone. Civiq stepped in with their Aquafil Pulse drinking water stations. They’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Moreover, these fountains come in different sizes and configurations. This means they could choose the ideal fountain height. For both junior and senior students!

Designed with Students in Mind

The Aquafil Pulse units are ideal for outdoor spaces. Their robust design and eye-catching external signage panels make them stand out. Plus, they come with built-in bottle refill and drinking fountain technologies. How cool is that?

Students at Knox Grammar School drinking and refilling their water bottle at an Aquafil Drinking Water Station

Customised for Knox Grammar School

The station’s external panels feature bespoke graphics. The school chose to include the vibrant Knox Grammar colours and logo. This gives the drinking fountains a touch of school spirit. The panels also include key educational messages that provide simple instructions for use.

Safe, Healthy, Hygienic Hydration

The Aquafil Pulse units are perfect for school campuses. And not just for their low maintenance requirements. Also, for the hygienic internal drainage. This allows for both indoor and outdoor installation. They even have anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzle technology to ensure clean refills. And to top it off, the soft rubber guard on the drinking fountain bubblers prevents any accidental mouth injuries. Safety first!

a student from Knox Grammar School refilling his water bottle at an Aquafil drinking water station

A Collaborative Effort

Brittany Thompson, the Civiq Sales Representative, worked closely with Knox Grammar School. Together they selected the perfect product for the school campuses. Brittany said, “Knox Grammar School was a pleasure to work with, the Aquafil Pulse drinking water fountain perfectly suited their needs. And they could customize the design to match their school environment and brand. The finished product looks amazing. I’m thrilled to see so many students using the bubblers and bottle refillers.”

Quench Thirst and Promote Hydration

Nine Aquafil Pulse drinking water stations now in operation throughout Knox Grammar School. Students can easily access drinking fountains and water refilling stations. Whether it’s between classes, during sports activities, lunch breaks, recess, or even before and after school care…

Staying hydrated has never been easier. And it’s not just about quenching thirst—it’s about promoting healthy choices. Knox Grammar School is reduces waste and fosters a culture of well-being. And all this simply by encouraging students to choose water over sugary drinks. And refilling their bottles instead of using single-use plastics.

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