Students Lead for Change at Marsden SHS

Students at Marsden State High School Lining up into a Aquafil Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refill Station as part of their project in promoting hydration and reducing waste

Students Lead Hydration Change and Access to Fresh and Clean Drinking Water: A legacy for fellow and future students 

Students lead hydration change project to install water bottle refill stations. Their aim is to reduce waste and help fellow and future students to stay healthy, and happily hydrated. 

Isn’t it beautiful when students leave a legacy for their fellow and future students to enjoy?

Sustainable change

These students set out to make change happen, to leave a legacy.  And they did. Because of this group of year 12 students at Marsden State High School, sustainable change has been achieved. They are leaving something for their fellow students, and those to come. Their passion led to a change in culture across the school that would positively affect their fellow students. What’s more, it also affects their teachers, and anyone involved in the school now, and well into the future.  Students at this school now enjoy easy access to fresh and clean drinking water on campus. This benefits their health, happiness, and the waste management bills of the school. 

Welcome to Marsden state High School

Single-use plastic water bottles – waste everybody wants to see reduced 

Outdated water bubblers have no straightforward way to fill up a reusable water bottle. Not being able to bring a refillable water bottle, and bring it with you to class, means that many students do not drink enough water during their day of learning.  

Some students resolve their hydration needs by buying single-use plastic water bottles and sugary drinks. Single-use plastic bottles end up as waste, waste that needs to be managed by the school.  Sugary drinks not only generate waste, but also come with negative effects to health – issues that are well-known to everyone.  

Don’t mess with Marsden 

Marsden State High School has a proud history of environmentally friendly projects, including the sustainability practices associated with their award-winning ‘Don’t Mess with Marsden’ program.

The group of 2021 year 12 students, along with their school captain, Leen El Moussa, marshalled the project ‘Don’t Mess With Marsden’ this year. This project achieved a significant reduction in waste costs. Marsden SHS is now averaging $2.85 per student in waste costs. This is much lower than the state average of $18 per student. It’s something utterly worth celebrating.

Students at Marsden State High School Lining up into a Aquafil Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refill Station as part of their project in promoting hydration and reducing waste

Students lead hydration project for change 

Head of the Year 12 students, Leen El Moussa, made contact with Civiq.  Together with the group of students leading the project for change, she met with Civiq Business Development Manager Gail Warrington. Gail visited the site to discuss the school’s requirements and preferences. From this discussion, Gail was able to recommend the ideal hydration solutions to the group and preparation ensued. 

Along with Michelle Stehn, the Facilities Manager and Paul Eaton, the Sponsorship Manager, the students were given the responsibility of researching which product they thought would suit their schools’ surroundings. The students showed Civiq around the school to discuss the placement of the water bottle refill stations. 

“I found the group clear about what they wanted and clear about how they were going to negotiate with staff and CIiviq. They were passionate about coming up with a plan to create a legacy of donating water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains to the school that would be enjoyed by all.” 

– Gail Warrington, Civiq QLD and NT Business Development Manager
Students at Marsden State High School drinking and refilling their water bottles using CIVIQ Aquafil Hydrobank

Hydration stations that include a drinking fountain and a water bottle refill point 

The group made it clear that they wanted their water stations to include both a drinking fountain and water bottle refill points. They also wanted to include a way to supply chilled water. This would come in handy during the hot summers they experience in Queensland.  

After consultation and negotiations had taken place, the group selected the Aquafil Hydrobank. The Hydrobank is much loved by schools and students for its many water access points. The station includes three water bottle refill outlets, and three drinking fountains. The group also decided to install the Aquafil Pulse a robust, economical drinking fountain and bottle refill station. This way,  they could ensure easy access to fresh and clean drinking water at multiple locations around campus.  

“The students and the school received great support from Civiq. From the first site visit to the installation, the team at Civiq empowered the students with all the information needed to choose the right water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains for their school. “

– Andrew Peach,  Executive Principal, Marsden State High School 

Water station artwork designed by students  

Soon after, Civiq started to work on producing the stations. At the same time, the students started working on fundraising for their new water stations, and getting the word out to their fellow students at the school. They wanted to let everyone know what was coming and where they could find them. Therefore,  the group produced posters announcing the water stations’ impending arrival. They placed the posters on the walls of their location. As a result, everyone attending the school could start looking forward to the great new service they were about to be able to enjoy.

The next project for the young leaders was designing the artwork for the water stations. Both the Aquafil Pulse and the Hydrobank can be personalised through artwork and coloured end-panels. The students chose to design their water station to fit in with the school colours. They also decided to feature the school’s mascot on the artwork. 

an Aquafil pulse drinking fountain and water bottle refilling station installed at Marsden State High School

Congratulations to all involved in achieving sustained success  

The project generated lots of enthusiasm on campus and amongst the students. Their pride in what they were able to do was wonderful to see. And the legacy that they will leave to the up-and-coming students, gave it a real community feel.  

At Civiq we are glad to see the ‘Don’t mess with Marsden’ sustainability program leading cultural change across schools. Compared to the State average, and because of the program, Marsden SHS reduced their average waste per student by 85%.  

The installation of our water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains will help this program further. This is because it encourages the reduction of single-use plastic bottles, and it also highlights the importance of the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle and refresh’ concept. 

Are you looking to achieve cultural change and leave a legacy for students to enjoy now and into the future? Please get in touch to see how we can help! 

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