Melton Shire gets Wayfinding Upgrade for Parklands Shared Paths

Two people walking beside a Wayfinding Signage in Melton City Council

Melton City Council has banded together with Civiq to roll out a collection of wayfinding signage totems for display across shared pathways throughout their parklands.

Situated northwest of Melbourne CBD, Melton City Council administers thirty-one suburbs and towns, in a region that has emerged as a major growth area of Victoria.

The rapid increase in population, along with the alarming heath and obesity statistics across the country, led the council to focus its movements towards increasing the health and well-being of local residents.

The local governing body set out to motivate people into becoming more active by encouraging them to explore the walking paths and cycling trails of the Melton Shared Path Network.

They wanted a series of modular totems which could display the elements of the precincts, on an economical and vandal-resistant signage surface.

Senior parks officers selected Civiq’s signature FlexiSign system in a 220mm-wide totem configuration, which features structural marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel componentry, for sustained performance in outdoor public spaces.

Robust and vandal-resistant, the modular signage system is capable of interchanging graphics panels when alterations or repairs are required, resulting in low replacement or upgrade costs.

Council Officer, Matt Hutchison, expressed his thoughts on the FlexiSign products.

“The product Civiq offered was very good. The size was right and the overall styling and appearance was different and unique compared to other products on the market” he said.

There are now eighty-seven wayfinding signs located throughout the shared paths precinct, which provide users with an easy-to-read format displayed on a stylish and distinctive platform.

They contain maps highlighting the shared path networks, landmarks and destinations, playgrounds, walking and cycling routes, BBQ areas, services, and amenities.

The new project has also seen City of Melton partner with Avenza Systems Inc. for the launch of their ‘Avenza Maps’ application, which allows park-goers to download local maps directly to their electronic devices.

This technology is user-friendly and requires users to simply scan the QR codes located on the Totem, to get immediate access to digitals forms of wayfinding information.

“We are getting excellent reports to date and the maps have been downloaded a countless amount of times” Hutchison explains.

The FlexiSign totems are an excellent step forward in encouraging people to get outdoors and learn about the attractions and activities around them.

The Melton City Council has observed an increase in the number of residents walking and cycling as a mode of transport or for a leisure activity, increasing a healthy lifestyle and sustainable environment within the community.

The collaboration with technology also provides a fun and engaging way for locals to interact with the Shared Path Network, revealing the importance of wayfinding signage systems for the years ahead.

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