Cycla Fixit Maintenance and Repair Station Installed Along Mount Gambier Rail Trail

Aaron Izzard, Mount Gambier Environmental Sustainability Officer standing beside Cycla Fixit Maintenance and Repair Station

The Cycla Fixit bike repair station has been installed at the Mount Gambier Railway Lands, enabling cyclists to undertake maintenance and repairs at a central and convenient location along the popular Rail Trail shared path.

The Cycla Fixit is the first of its kind in Mount Gambier and includes retractable tools such as hex keys, screwdrivers, wrenches, and tyre levers. It also features a bike stand that conveniently holds the bike above ground level allowing the pedals and wheels to spin freely while repairs are undertaken.

“Cyclists of all ages and abilities are regularly using the Rail Trail, and this station now allows bike riders to easily complete repairs or maintenance on the go at any time of the day.” – City of Mount Gambier Environmental Sustainability Officer Aaron Izzard.

The station includes an instructional label demonstrating how the maintenance station can be used and includes a QR code that links to online bike maintenance videos.

Cycla Fixit Maintenance and Repair Station with Bike Air Pump installed at Mount Gambier Rail Trail

“Whether your tyres are a little flat, or your chain has dislodged, there is a multitude of tools available to assist people to get back on their bikes and keep moving along the Rail Trail,” Mr. Izzard said.

Civiq is a distributor of the Fixit, which is designed and manufactured in the United States of America. The product was chosen for this project because it is a fully contained bike repair station, it includes the necessary tamper-proof tools for a quick repair, and these are attached to the main body using stainless steel cables to prevent vandalism.

The City of Mount Gambier chose to include its logo on the station’s artwork to promote the initiative.

The bike pump and maintenance station are located along the Rail Trail approximately halfway between the Railway Station building and Bay Road. The initiative was made possible by the Vibrant Mount Gambier initiative.

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