Fueling Melbourne’s Athletes with Fresh Drinking Water

An Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed near a fountain

Case Study

Athletes gather at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre (MSAC) to enjoy sports and fitness. MSAC wanted to promote health and become Victoria’s first state-level sports facility without sugary drinks. They joined forces with Civiq, to provide fresh, easily accessible drinking water for everyone.

Hydrating Champions: Civiq and Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre is a state-of-the-art facility in Albert Park, offering various sports halls and courts. MSAC needed a strong solution for filtered drinking water in busy indoor and outdoor areas. Working together, MSAC and Civiq found the perfect answer.

Aquafil Drinking Water Stations installed at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

Customized Solutions for Ultimate Hydration

They selected the Aquafil Pulse Senior for outdoor areas. This drinking water station is ideal for outdoor spaces with its durable stainless steel design and customisable, vandal-resistant signage panels allowing the organisation’s branding to be displayed. The water station offers a drinking fountain and two bottle refill points. This ensures athletes never run out of water. They chose the Elkay EZH2O Vandal-Resistant, a wall-mounted solution with an inbuilt chiller, for indoor areas. The unit is developed with heavy-duty stainless steel materials which resist corrosion and tea-staining – ensuring that the unit’s visual appeal and structural integrity is maintained over time. It also boasts a cool feature that counts saved bottles, promoting how the station benefits the environment.

A Healthy Partnership: VicHealth and Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre

VicHealth, a division of the Victorian Government, generously funded the project to reduce unhealthy food and drinks. This helped remove sugary drink vending machines at MSAC and replace them with healthier options.

athletes drinking from an Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed at the vicinity of Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

Making a Splash: The Impact of Fresh Drinking Water

Since installing the stations in 2017, over 200,000 water bottles have been refilled, saving 157,000 litres of water and reducing plastic bottle waste.

A Champion’s Choice: Easy Hydration for All

MSAC now stands as a leader in promoting health and environmental awareness. Athletes enjoy chilled, filtered water for free. They avoid sugary drinks and save money.

ELkay EZH2O Drinking Fountain and Water Bottle Refilling Station installed at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

Conclusion: A Thirst for Excellence

The partnership between Civiq, MSAC, and VicHealth has transformed how athletes hydrate. With modern drinking stations, MSAC fosters a healthier, more sustainable sporting environment. Athletes embrace this change, knowing their hydration choices fuel their bodies and the planet’s wellbeing.

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