Randwick Council provides bike security facility for riders

BIKEast’ is a community cycling group established in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, which organises regular community bike rides for its network of members. The group is also an advocate for improved cycling conditions for local cyclists and aims to increase community awareness of the benefits of regular cycling.

Due to limited security provisions for cyclists to leave their bikes safely in the Randwick area, BIKEast approached Randwick Council to look into the options for bicycle security. BIKEast requested a robust model, that could withstand frequent use, fluctuating harsh weather conditions and that was also vandal-resistant.

Staff at Randwick Council contacted Civiq for advice on an appropriate bike security product, as the company has an extensive product range coupled with experience in the local government sector.

Cycla Pole- mounted Bike Rail Retrofit in Randwick City Council area
Cycla Pole- mounted Retrofit in Randwick City Council area

The Civiq sales team recommended the Cycla Pole-mounted Retrofit product, which is a simple steel loop that can be retrofitted to existing street poles, posts, and walls.  It is a strong product, quickly and easily installed, and also an economical solution.

The products were installed in March 2018 in ten suburbs adjacent to shop fronts, parks, bike tracks, public transport, and car parks allowing easy access for cyclists to keep their bikes safe and secure.

a Red Bike utilising the Cycla Bike Pole-mounted Bike Rail Retrofit
Cyclist utilising the Cycla Pole-mounted Retrofit

The entire purpose of fitting rings to a pole is that they support the bike and reduce them from falling down and obstructing the footpaths.

“It was great to be able to recommend an economical and quick solution to addressing bicycle user needs in the Randwick community”, says Martyn Wilson, Technical Sales Expert”

The pole mounted designs are simple yet elegant, and it is great to see them in use” he says.

Cycla Pole-mounted Bike Rail Retrofit attached to stop sign
Cycla Pole- mounted Retrofit secured to street stop sign

Randwick Council Technical Officer, Ken Shepherd mentions the bicycle users are making good use of them immediately and it was a successful project.

As a result of the positive feedback received from the public, it may be possible to install more bike racks within the Randwick council area.

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