Refreshing Hydration at Lambeth Reserve:

  • Customer: Lambeth Reserve  Riverside Park and Playground
  • Industry: Open Spaces and Playgrounds  
  • Product: Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain  

The Story of a Low-Maintenance Riverside Fountain

Riverside Park visitors enjoying drinking on an Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain

A Welcome Oasis in Riverside Park

Visitors at Riverside Park in Lambeth Reserve are in for a treat! This scenic park, nestled along the Georges River, has long been a popular local gathering spot. With play equipment, a cozy beach, picnic spots, and open spaces galore, it’s a hotspot for relaxation and outdoor fun.

Something new is making a splash – the Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain. Not only does it keep everyone refreshed, but it also helps reduce the need for disposable plastic bottles in our beautiful public spaces.

bold drinking fountain is used by a little girl

Lambeth Reserve: A Place for All

Lambeth Reserve is where people of all ages play, socialize, exercise, and enjoy the tranquil river surroundings. A wheelchair-accessible track meanders along the Georges River via boardwalks and footpaths to Picnic Point. Plus, well-behaved dogs are welcome here too!

In a park where people gather for many reasons, easy access to clean, fresh drinking water is a must. The local council teamed up with Civiq to find this popular park’s perfect drinking water solution.

Bold Fountain Solves Problems, Sustains Nature

Lambeth Reserve’s unique location, nestled in bushland along a salty river, presented a challenge. Regular maintenance near salty water can be tricky. What’s needed is a sturdy, vandal-resistant drinking water station that won’t harm the environment. After all, the park’s true treasure is its natural beauty and wildlife.

The Aquafil Bold Drinking Fountain answers the call. Crafted from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel, it can handle the salty surroundings while blending seamlessly with nature.

Compact, Robust, and Inclusive Fountain

This compact drinking water station provides a fountain for sipping and a bottle refill outlet. It’s wheelchair-accessible and child-friendly, perfect for families and park enthusiasts. Walkers and joggers along the river’s boardwalk also love it!

And let’s not forget our four-legged friends – the fountain can even be equipped with a dog bowl, benefiting our pets and the local wildlife.

Cheers to a Greener Future

The addition of this Bold Drinking Fountain has been a game-changer for the Lambeth community. Local parent Cathy shares, “Being able to refill a bottle of water means we can enjoy our stay here even longer. The kids have turned using the fountain into a fun game, making water their preferred drink.”

Lambeth Reserve has seen a surge in visitors bringing reusable bottles and reduced waste in the bins. It’s not just people who benefit; local wildlife now enjoys a refreshing sip too.

Join the Sustainable Sip Movement

If you know of a park or playground that could use an upgrade in its drinking water facilities, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to work with your local council or facilities manager to select the perfect drinking water product. Together, we can keep our parks refreshed and our planet greener!

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