Thirst for Change: Rosebank College’s War on Waste

Sustainability Trailblazers: Inside Rosebank College’s Green Journey

What can you tell us about your community? What makes it special?

Rosebank College is a co-educational Catholic school for Years 7-12 located in Sydney’s Inner West. Our students and staff are environmentally conscientious, and one of our College’s strategic goals is around sustainability. Specifically, this means responding proactively to the needs of the environment, including recycling and renewables, with a target of moving towards carbon neutrality.

Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Fountain for school with aboriginal art template installed at Rosebank College

Overcoming Obstacles on the Path to Sustainability

What challenges did you face before getting in touch with Civiq?

Working toward our sustainability goals, we want all students and staff to use reusable water bottles. And thus reduce single-use plastic within our community. We have removed single-use water bottles from the College Cafeteria and most events and encourage our community to BYO reusable water bottles. We had a look at our current bubblers and knew we needed to improve the function and aesthetics of our current system to support our goal.

Student of Rosebank College utilising the Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station for Schools

Choosing the Right Partner: Civiq Stands Out

Tell us a bit about your selection process. What options did you consider, and what made this solution stand out for you?

When it comes to bubbler options for schools, we think Civiq leads the way in terms of design and flexible solutions. Other suppliers did not have the trough solution that works for Rosebank within their range.

Embracing Change: How the Community Welcomed the New Bubblers

How has your community received your solution? What has been contributing to the success?

The Rosebank community has embraced our new bubblers. When we decided to purchase new water stations, we engaged our Year 12 Environmental Leaders. These students selected the designs and introduced the newly installed bubblers to the College community at a whole school Assembly, challenging every student to bring their own reusable water bottle to school. This has been very well received.

Measurable Impact: Tangible Results of the Sustainability Initiative

Since implementing your solution, what are some of the results you are seeing in the community?

We have changed the way we provide water to our community. As an example, we recently held an Open Day, and all students and staff brought their own reusable water bottles, rather than the College providing them each with a single-use bottle of water.

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