St Andrew’s Cathedral School Keeps Students Hydrated With World Class Sensor Drinking Stations

Front entrance of St Andrew’s Cathedral School

Introducing Elkay EZH20: The Next-Gen Chilled Bottle Filling Stations & Drinking Fountains

Nestled at the heart of Sydney Square, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School has set a new standard in style and sustainability. The multi-campus co-educational institute unveiled a cutting-edge hydration solution. Brought to you by the hydration experts at Civiq: Meet the Elkay EZH20 Bottle Filling Stations & Drinking Fountains.

High School Hydration Challenge: Conquered!

With over 1300 students in its care, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School recognised the pivotal need for accessible hydration stations. Easy access to drinking water keeps minds sharp, and bodies invigorated. Especially during intense study sessions. However, the bustling city school spans two vertical buildings. This posed a challenge to implement the initiative.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School installs Elkay drinking water station

School Drinking Water Expert to the Rescue: The Perfect Hydration Ally

Embracing innovation and efficiency, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School partnered with Civiq, the drinking water solutions specialist for educational spaces. Together, they crafted a game-changing strategy to conquer the hydration hurdle.

Elkay EZH20: A Symphony of Refillable Hydration

The Elkay EZH20 Bottle Refill Station with Single Drinking Fountain emerged as the undisputed champion. This product ticks all the boxes with grace and flair. This avant-garde station offers chilled, crystal-clear water. Plus, it boasts an effortless bottle refill mechanism. And as a result, encourages students to ditch sugary drinks and embrace hydration in style.

Form Meets Function: Elevating Aesthetics and Convenience

Installing the Elkay EZH20 stations was a breeze. Their sleek, compact, wall-mounted design blends seamlessly with the school’s architectural charm. The durable stainless steel station withstands the test of time. And ensures refreshing hydration.

Elevating Education: The Green Ticker LED Display

An LED display graces each station, tracking the number of bottles refilled. This isn’t just any display—it’s an educational tool. As students choose reusable over disposable, they’re empowered with the knowledge of their positive environmental impact.

Resounding Success: The Hydration Revolution Unleashed

With four Elkay EZH20 stations strategically positioned across the campus, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School saw a wave of enthusiastic participation. The student community has embraced this revolutionary solution with open arms. And made hydration and sustainability a priority.

Hailing the Heroes: Clinton Gribble Applauds the Transformation

Clinton Gribble, the Maintenance & Facilities Manager, says: “Students widely use the bottle refill stations, and it’s fantastic to witness such a positive uptake!”

Civiq's Elkay Drinking Water Station with hands free sensor activated feature installed at a school

Toast to a Healthier Future: Embracing Wellness and Eco-Consciousness

St. Andrew’s Cathedral School has ushered in a new era thanks to the modern drinking water stations. A new world of well-being and environmental responsibility. With Elkay EZH20 stations, the school raises a toast to a brighter, healthier, and greener future for its beloved students.

Dive into the World of Smart Hydration: Experience Elkay EZH20

Join the ranks of trailblazing institutions. Transform your school into a bastion of hydration excellence. Embrace the Elkay EZH20 Chilled Bottle Filling Stations & Drinking Fountains. And witness the captivating revolution unfold.

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