Varsity College Students Love Their New Hydration Stations

Students at Varsity College using CIVIQ Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station

The problem:

Outdated water bubblers and drinking facilities do not encourage students to drink enough water. Dehydrated scholars struggle to focus, regulate their body temperature and develop headaches. Sometimes it can even make them feel grumpy!

The solution:

Fresh and clean water is being provided to students via water refill stations with multiple access points. The splashback on the hydration station features the school’s mantra of diversity and strength. The design on the water station’s splashback also includes inspiring and uplifting messaging.

The result:

By making it easy for children to access water throughout their day on campus, students are encouraged to stay hydrated. Being hydrated helps them perform to the best of their ability. Whilst they refill their bottles they are reminded of their strength and superpower within.

Staff and Students Posting on their new drinking water station, the Aquafil Hydrobank

Water with a difference

It’s no secret. At Civiq, we love seeing our hydration stations on school campuses around Australia, being enjoyed by students everywhere.

Fresh and clean drinking water being made readily available to scholars encourages them to drink more water. Moving children away from sugary drinks reduces dependence on single-use plastic and helps create a happier campus. Staying hydrated helps students focus, regulate their body temperature and improves their mood and well-being.

Aquafil Hydrobank at Varsity College – an extra special project

Varsity College recent installation of the Aquafil Hydrobank hydration station goes well beyond hydrating students. The project nourishes both body and soul through inspirational messages.

Students posting on their new install drinking water stations the Aquafil Hdyrobank

Students and staff can readily access water at multiple locations on campus

A wonderful outcome from P&C fundraising contributions saw the installation of Aquafil Hydrobanks at both the Primary and Secondary campuses of the Prep to Year 12 school in Varsity Lakes QLD.

Emphasis was placed on making fresh and clean drinking water readily available to students. Having multiple access points on a single unit means students can fill up in groups, together with their peers and staff. With their bottles full of fresh and clean drinking water, they can quickly move on with their day – socialising with friends, study and play.

The cherry on the cake – or the ‘sparkle in a drop of crystal-clear water’ as we like to call it – are the inspirational messages featured on the splashback. When students fill their drinking bottles, they see the words of encouragement and are reminded to ‘Dare to Dream’ and ‘Be Strong, Be Different, Be You’.

Students were asked for their input in the messages. The idea to include these was put forward by former Varsity College captain and student, Lily Nidea. She had suggested the school paint inspirational messages on the steps around campus. 

The suggestion was welcomed by the P&C. From quotes painted on the steps it evolved into having the messages featured on the splashbacks of the water stations.

“It’s wonderful to see the project’s process from submitting the proposal letter to finally seeing the …hydrobanks installed, I know the students will love it! Thank you, Colin and P&C, for including my positive message, it really means a lot”

Lily Nidea, former student, Varsity College
Varsity College inspirational message at the splashback of their new Aquafil Hydrobanks Drinking Water Station

A resounding success

The project was a resounding success. After the installation was completed on the Senior campus grounds, the students and P&C at Varsity College decided to move forward with the purchase of two more Aquafil Hydrobank hydration station, to be found on the Junior campus grounds of the school. This is what they said about it on their Facebook page:

New Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station Facebook post by Varsity College P&C

The location was chosen to provide younger students with a way to use the facility to access drinking water, close to the primary campus. It is also well away from the existing ones that the bigger students use.

Responding to feedback from parents and questions about the availability of refrigerated and filtered water the president of the Varsity College P&C said:

“Great that we can deliver this outcome for the kids. They are both refrigerated and filtered water so will really come into their own in hotter months.”

– Colin Frew – P&C president, Varsity College

Interested in upgrading your facilities?

If you are a student, parent, member of the P&C, or staff member at a school and you are interested in upgrading your hydration facilities – please get in touch with a Civiq representative in your area today.

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