Old Drinking Troughs Around Victoria: Replaced with Aquafil Hydrobank

Aquafil Hydrobank Drinking Water Station installed at Preston Primary School, replacing their old drinking troughs

A Thirst for Change at Schools

In schools across Victoria, a common issue keeps bubbling up. Worn-out drinking troughs, weathered by the storm of student use and outdoor exposure are stuck in the ewww… zone. These schools and their students are thirsty for a simple solution. They want to swap out their tired and unhygienic water stations.

Straight forward solutions to replace old troughs

Meet Paul Ward, the Director of Blade Recreation in Victoria. He is the go-to guy for schools. Education professionals seeking a straightforward fix for their aging drinking troughs. Paul has heard the collective call for an easy replacement on his school visits.

“My team visit these schools on a regular basis. And the majority of them are looking for a straightforward solution to replace their existing drinking troughs,” says Paul.

Aquafil Hydrobank to the Rescue

Blade Recreation’s team recommends replacing old drinking troughs with the Aquafil Hydrobank. It is an easy “plug and play” product. And an ideal solution to replace outdated drinking troughs.

A Splash of Success Across Victoria

Paul’s team recently upgraded old drinking troughs at two Victorian schools. Preston Primary School, Resurrection School, Geelong NTH SC, and Iramoo PS Wyndham Vale.

New installed Aquafil Hydrobank from Resurrection School, Geelong NTH SC, Iramoo PS Wyndham Vale and Preston Primary School replacing old drinking troughs.

Out with the Old, In with the Hydrobank

The transformation was swift. The Aquafil Hydrobank replaced the worn-out troughs at these schools. The new installations boasted both bubblers and bottle filling points. This feature left the schools more than satisfied.

Thumbs-Up from Victorian Schools and Students

Schools – and students – love the Aquafil Hydrobank design and functionality. It’s a first and unique offering in the market. Unlike their old water stations, the Hydrobank provides a dual-purpose solution. Quenching both immediate thirst and the need for a quick refill.

“These schools are delighted with the design and functionality of the Aquafil Hydrobank because, unlike their old drinking troughs, the Hydrobank offers both bubblers and bottle filling points. There’s really nothing else like them on the market.”says Paul.

In the ever-evolving landscape of school infrastructure, the Hydrobank is a refreshing solution. And it makes the swap from old to new a simple and satisfying success story for schools across Victoria.

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