Custom Fountains Bring Local Charm to Coastal Walk

Aquafil Drinking Water Station with custom artwork installed on the coastal walk
Stainless Steel construction means the FlexiFountain is suited for coastal areas.

Enhancing the Grand Pacific Walk Experience with Sustainable Hydration

A Refreshing Oasis Along the Coastline

The Grand Pacific Walk is a breathtaking coastal pathway stretching from Pinecourt Reserve in Austinmer to East Corrimal Beach. Many people come here each year to walk, ride, run, or play. The Wollongong City Council partnered with the Austinmer/Thirroul Lions Clubs. Their goal? Ensure everyone feels welcome, hydrated, and safe!

a woman watching her dog drinking on an Aquafil Drinking Water Station installed near a beach shore in Wollongong City
The swinging dog bowl on the FlexiFountain is a must when creating a pet-friendly community.

Collaboration and Funding Create a Vision of Hydration and Community

Teaming up with the Austinmer/Thirroul Lions Clubs, the Wollongong City Council secured funding from the NSW Government’s My Community Project the generous support saw nine Aquafil FlexiFountain drinking water stations installed. With the number of visitors rising, this initiative aimed to foster a sense of welcome, hydration, and safety for all who traverse the Grand Pacific Walk.

A local refilling her water bottle at a Custom Aquafil Drinking Water Stations
The custom art on the FlexiFountain was created by locals.

Combining Durability and Local Flair: Aquafil FlexiFountain Shines

The selection of Civiq’s Aquafil FlexiFountain proved to be a winning choice. These stations are durable and sustainable and designed with a sturdy stainless steel construction. They withstand the harsh marine environment. Embracing the spirit of the local community, each station features stunning artwork. Created by talented primary school students. And infusing the area with a touch of enchanting local charm. Moreover, the stations were thoughtfully equipped with three water points. This includes bottle refill outlets, an accessible fountain and dog drinking bowls.

Aquafil Drinking Water Station with a custom art  with a helpful map guiding visitors along the route.
Each fountain contains custom art and, on the reverse, a helpful map guiding visitors along the route.

Navigating the Pathway with Ease: Clear Signage Ensures Safety

To ensure a seamless experience for visitors along the Grand Pacific Walk, the Council and Lions Club implemented a comprehensive signage system featuring detailed maps. This thoughtful addition allowed everyone to navigate the pathway with ease. As a result, they foster a sense of security and ease.

The map on the Aquafil FexiFountain Drinking fountain helps visitors navigate the Grand Pacific Walk
The map on the FexiFountain helps visitors navigate the Grand Pacific Walk.

Welcoming, Hydrating, and Safe: The Grand Pacific Walk’s Transformation

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Wollongong City Council and the Austinmer/Thirroul Lions Club, the Grand Pacific Walk has undergone a remarkable transformation by installing custom drinking water stations. Every visitor feels welcomed, hydrated, and safe. Custom-made, local art enhances the beauty and allure of the Grand Pacific Walk. And their collaboration delivered a sustainable, eco-friendly, and accessible hydration solution for all.

Take care of your body, relax your mind, spend time with loved ones, and discover exciting things around you. It’s time to plan your adventure along this magnificent pathway.

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