Sustainable hydration, powered by partnerships

At Civiq, we’re thrilled to join forces with a dynamic array of organisations and companies, united by a common goal of fostering vibrant and sustainable communities through the power of hydration.

Together, we forge partnerships that fuel lasting change, harnessing our collective expertise to create healthier environments that stand the test of time. With our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we’re making waves in the realm of hydration, ensuring a brighter, greener future for all.

Pre-Qualified Supplier with LGAQ Local Buy

Great news for Queensland and Northern Territory councils or anyone looking to purchase public use products from a pre-qualified supplier: Civiq is now an approved Local Buy supplier of public drinking water solutions and other products supporting healthy and happy communities.

Preferred Supplier in Western Australia with WALGA

Great news for councils or anyone in Western Australia looking to purchase public use products from a pre-qualified supplier: Civiq is now a Preferred Supplier of WALGA. This is the ideal solution for councils or community organisations, as well as architects, or anyone looking for the best in public drinking water solutions.

Drinking Water Stations Rentals by Wallop Water

Civiq has partnered with Wallop Water to manage all Portable Drinking Water Stations rentals. Are you organising Community Carols, a Charity Fun Run, or Farmers Market? Choose to rent with our partner Wallop Water. Their fleet can provide your event patrons, staff, and volunteers with free, filtered and/or chilled water.

LGA South Australia and Tasmania Procurement

Great news for councils or anyone looking to purchase public use products such as public drinking water solutions from a pre-qualified supplier: Civiq is now a Preferred Supplier of South Australia and Tasmania.

Healthy Harold and Life Ed NSW water 4 life

Healthy Harold and Life Ed NSW work in more than 2,000 schools across NSW & ACT, reaching approximately 260,000 students each year through their unique educational programs.
The Life Ed program provides valuable lessons exploring nutrition, physical activity, positive relationships, cybersafety, and the impact of alcohol and other drugs.

With the help of its iconic mascot Healthy Harold the giraffe, their 60 specially trained educators deliver engaging and impactful lessons via 44 mobile learning centres, three pop-up classrooms, virtual classrooms and on-demand online lessons.

Civiq has partnered with Healthy Harold and Life Ed to launch the Water4Life challenge. The Water4Life challenge inspires kids to commit to healthier lifestyle habits by changing what they drink for two weeks.

Plastic Free Campus at University of NSW

UNSW Sydney is working towards becoming a plastic free campus. They are implementing strategies for reducing packaging and prioritising reuse over single use. This is done by improving facilities and increased engagement with the University community.

As part of the effort to promote the use of refillable water bottles, the university installed twenty Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF Drinking Fountain & water bottle refilling stations on the main Kensington campus and an additional four units installed at smaller campuses. All these water bubblers are located near walkways, cycle routes, food courts, and main venues so the entire community can take full advantage of this service.

Reducing single use plastic waste with Sydney Water

Partnering in 2017, Civiq has worked with Sydney Water to install 160 drinking water stations at parks, sporting fields, and aquatic centres across Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

Since then, local communities have consumed more than 5.5 million litres of fresh drinking water from the Aquafil by Civiq drinking water stations installed by Sydney Water. That’s the equivalent of saving almost 10 million (or 120 kg worth of) plastic bottles!

Aboriginal Art by Luke Penrith

Luke Penrith is a passionate and proud Aboriginal artist. He belongs to the Wiradjuri, Wotjobaluk, Yuin, and Gumbaynggirr Nations. He currently resides and works on Wiradjuri Country in Central NSW.

Water holds immense significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It’s deeply connected to their culture, survival, and sustainable water management, guided by Lore (Law). Students, teachers, parents and carers love Penrith’s artwork. It’s beautiful, even more so because of the narrative woven through swirling lines and vivid colours.

Luke Penrith created 6 Aboriginal Art designs exclusively for Civiq and their customers.

Cheeki stainless steel water bottles

Cheeki is Australia’s original stainless steel water bottle brand. Producing premium reusable bottles since 2009 to eliminate single-use plastics food and drink containers. Cheeki water bottles are carried around all day by our team and often featured in our photoshoots – that’s how much we love them.

Hassell Architects Rapid transit link

The rapid transit link to the north-western suburbs of Sydney, the Sydney Metro Northwest, required a custom drinking station to suit project design requirements. Hassell Studio partnered with Civiq to deliver drinking water stations.

The Aquafil Elegri, a brand new custom drinking station was manufactured by Civiq, to suit project design requirements. Eight units are now installed at each metro station.

Architectus Canberra Metro Light Riail

The Canberra Metro light rail project required hydration stations to fit in with the project’s specific design aesthetic. Architectus partnered with Civiq to make modifications to an existing product.

The Aquafil FlexiFountain 2100BF was adapted to be rectangular in design, complete with custom patterned stainless-steel sheeting with a bronze electro-plating finish.

Other Partners

Our products are trusted by a number of leading supply networks across Australia.


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