Cycla Air Pump 4

Specialised bicycle air pump designed for repeated public use in all weather conditions. Secure your bicycle tyre in the slot, pump up, and return to riding.

A manual public bike pump provides cyclists an easy-to-use airing station when it's needed most.

Designed and made in the USA with patent US9,765,766 B2 . Featuring a universal pump head with Presta and Schrader valve compatibility. The waterproof gauge and robust construction ensure a long service life.

Ideal for public spaces, recreational trails, cycle paths, and end-of-trip facilities.

Configure your Cycla Air Pump 4

Customise this Bicycle Air Pump to your specific requirements.

Product Features

Cycla Air Bike Air Pump 4 Features Anti-fog PSI Gauge for Outdoor Use

Max Pressure: 100 PSI

Durable Safe Anti-slip Rubber Hand Grips

Universal Pump Head Accepts Schrader and Presta Valves

Steel Reinforced Air Hose

Gasket Rating -34º to 43º C

Solid Pump Rod and Long Life Piston Seal

Designed and Made in the USA. Patent US9,765,766 B2

Configure your Cycla Air Pump 4

Configuration Options

Branded Graphic Wrap

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