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Explore a vast range of choices from the industry-leading Supplier. And discover your ideal drinking water station. Tailored to your needs. Customise the perfect hydration solution for your school, university, sports centre, leisure facility, airport, hospital, and other public spaces.

Outdoor Drinking Fountains with Bottle Refill Outlets

Robust Solutions

Configure your outdoor drinking water station with water bottle refill outlets, dog drinking bowls, and customisable graphics panels, including wheelchair-accessible options

  • Wheelchair accessible options
  • Free-standing and wall-mounted designs
  • Chilled and filtered options
  • Weather and vandal-resistant
  • Customisable, integrated signage panels
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Indoor Drinking Fountains with Water Bottle Refill

Convenient Access

Invest in an indoor hydration designed for robust performance and ease of use. Explore a range of filter and refrigeration options.

  • Wall-mounted and free-standing designs
  • Integrated bottle refill
  • Chilled and filtered options
  • Dual-height drinking fountain options
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Wheelchair Accessible Drinking Water Stations

Inclusive and Accessible

Provide easy access to water for users of all ages and abilities. Experience the convenience of a dual-height fountain and bottle refill station.

  • Two drinking fountains at offset heights
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Child friendly
  • AS1428.1, DDA-compliant designs
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