Wall-mounted Drinking Fountains for public spaces

Wall-mounted drinking water fountains provide space-saving efficiency, easy installation, and customisable height positioning.
There are drinking water fountains for both indoor and outdoor environments. Plus, they offer options that seamlessly blend or make a statement. Additional features include water bottle refill outlets, hands-free drinking fountains, and chilled, filtered water. Choosing your preferred height of installation promotes accessibility for users of varying statures.
With their versatility and enhanced user experience, wall-mounted drinking water stations offer practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for convenient hydration.
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View our range of indoor drinking fountains

Civiq’s drinking fountains have been installed in schools, universities, sports centres, leisure facilities, airports, hospitals and public spaces across Australia for over 15 years, and continues to be a market leader in this space.

Wall Mounted Drinking fountains

Our Elkay wall mounted drinking fountain products are ideal for both facility retrofits as well as new builds:

  • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • Wheelchair accessible options
  • Splash reduction
  • Filter and chiller options
  • Range of products to suit project type and budget
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Hybrid Drinking fountain and bottle refill stations

Our range of all-in-one wall-mounted water stations include both drinking fountain and water bottle refill functionalities.

  • All-in-one water stations
  • Options for single or dual-height drinking fountain basins
  • Wheelchair and child-friendly options
  • Inbuilt filter and chiller options
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Chilled Wall Mounted Drinking fountains

Keep users hydrated – and cool – with our range of refrigerated wall-mounted drinking fountains – great for gyms, sporting facilities and recreation centres.

  • Inbuilt chiller
  • Cools drinking fountain and bottle refill water
  • Compact and neat designs
  • Warranty included
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Wall Mounted Drinking Trough

The Aquafil Hydrobank is our largest wall mounted drinking water station distinguished by its numerous water access points – ideal for school campuses and busy sporting complexes.

  • Three bottle refill points
  • Three drinking fountains
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Coloured end panels
  • Inbuilt chiller and filter options
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Dual-height Wall-mounted Drinking Fountains

See our range of Elkay SoftSides and Elkay SwirlFlo Drinking fountains which feature two fountain heads positioned at different heights for easy user access.

  • Two drinking fountains at offset heights
  • Easy-to-push buttons
  • Child-friendly
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • DDA Compliant / AS1428.1
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Best selling wall mounted drinking fountains

Our wall mounted drinking fountains have been installed in schools, universities, sports centres, leisure facilities, airports, hospitals and public spaces

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Our wall mounted drinking fountains are used by hundreds of facilities across Australia.

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Our wall mounted drinking fountains have provided robust solutions to drinking water for a wide range of clients.