Cheers to Your Refreshing Choice!

Refill, sip, repeat – welcome to the eco-friendly hydration club. Here, each sip from the fountain helps cut plastic waste and brings cleaner oceans and happier communities.

Your hydration journey connects us all, human and furry friends alike. You’re steering us toward a healthier world when you drive in the sustainable lane.

Cheers to you, the hydration hero. Keep sippin’, keep smilin’, and keep being fabulous.

Sustainability Delivered

How does refilling help in reducing plastic waste and creating a positive impact for the future?

Imagine this: every time you opt to refill, you’re not just hydrating – you actively contribute to a cleaner, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Reduce the use of single-use plastic, and make a  difference for today and tomorrow. You’ll create a better world for current and future generations.


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Drink More, Live Better

How do Drinking Water Stations promote better community health and habits?

Hydration isn’t only about satisfying your thirst; it’s a journey to a healthier and happier you. With Public Space Drinking Water Fountains and Bottle Refill Stations, you get more than just water – it’s an opportunity to cultivate habits that enhance your well-being.

Hydration Stations make choosing fresh, clean water easy. And they empower you to prioritise your health while staying conveniently hydrated.

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Tailor-Made for You

How does Aquafil by Civiq empower communities with custom-fit Drinking Fountains?

Ready to make a splash in your community? Aquafil by Civiq is here to provide more than just a water source. We offer tailor-made drinking water stations. Solutions designed to match the unique needs of your community. Whether you’re in a bustling urban hub or a tranquil suburban oasis, we’ve got the perfect fit for you.

So, why not take the lead and become the driving force for positive change by introducing a personalised Hydration Station to your community?


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Stay hydrated, stay fabulous!



Read the case studies below to find out more about how schools update their old school drinking troughs and bubblers to make way for new, hygienic, and sustainable drinking water solutions, and the importance of fostering healthy habits to create a happy campus.