Elkay drinking water fountains for public environments

Discover the unbeatable world of Elkay drinking water stations. Brought to you by Civiq, the Authorised Distributor in Australia.

Elkay is a global leader in plumbed products. They design and manufacture their solutions in the USA. Our extensive range includes a variety of Elkay drinking fountains, and Elkay water bottle refill stations.

Everything you need to quench your thirst. And promote sustainable hydration practices. State-of-the-art built-in filter and refrigeration mechanism ensure a refreshing and invigorating experience with every sip.

At Civiq, we provide a seamless experience for our valued customers. Our team is ready to assist you with the installation and service maintenance of all Elkay products.

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Explore a range of Elkay Drinking Water Stations

Elkay drinking water products have been supplied to councils, educational institutions, commercial buildings and recreation centres.

Elkay Drinking Fountains

Civiq supplies a range of Elkay drinking fountains, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Wall mounted and free standing options
  • Outdoor and indoor designs
  • Chilled and filtered options
  • Wheelchair accessible options
  • Integrated water bottle refill options
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Elkay Water Bottle Refill Stations

The Elkay EZH2O range allows for convenient bottle refilling in public areas, especially popular with gyms, recreation centres, airports and commercial campuses.

  • Push button or sensor-activated Bottle refill options
  • Chilled and filtered water options
  • Integrated bottle refill and drinking fountain options
  • Wall mounted and in-wall installation options
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Anti-bacterial designs
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Chilled Elkay Drinking Water Stations

Our range of chilled Elkay drinking water stations feature inbuilt refrigeration, for year-round cool water available in an instant. Popular with gyms and recreation centres.

  • Inbuilt water cooling mechanism
  • Most chilled Elkay products include water filters
  • Robust designs
  • Indoor and outdoor range to choose from
  • Freestanding and wall mount options
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Extra Heavy Duty Elkay Drinking Water Stations

Our Vandal-resistant Elkay drinking water stations are designed for extra heavy duty performance in outdoor public spaces.

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Vandal-resistant fountain nozzle
  • Quick fill rate
  • Corrosion- and weather-resistant
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Quench Your Thirst in Style: Explore the Best-Selling Elkay Drinking Water Fountains

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Together with our industry-leading partners, we revolutionise the realm of refreshment.

We proudly supply Elkay drinking water fountains to councils, educational institutions, commercial buildings, and recreation centres.

Case Studies: Unleashing the Potential of Drinking Water Stations for Enhanced Well-being

Let’s nurture healthy habits to cultivate thriving communities.

Discover how to upgrade outdated drinking troughs and bubblers. And explore the transformative journey towards modern, hygienic, and sustainable drinking water solutions.