Drinking Water Stations Create Sustainable Workspaces

Create a sustainable workspace with filtered drinking water stations. Upgrade your old water cooler and serve cleaner healthier water whilst cutting single-use plastic waste.

Taking steps to reduce single-use plastic waste shows that your company cares about their footprint.

It’s how you build an eco-friendly company culture.

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The demand for eco-friendly work cultures is on the rise. Don't get left behind.

Are you ready to make the change to more eco-friendly practices?

Employees have been found to be more productive and satisfied in an office that supports sustainability. Water coolers are as outdated as a fax machine and better, fresher, and more sustainable solutions are now available.

Elkay SwirlFlo Bi-level Drinking fountain

Stylish, durable design with two drinking fountains. They are positioned at different heights for easy access.

Ideal for outdoor and indoor public and commercial and community spaces. This includes eco-friendly offices, workspaces, airports, offices, and shopping complexes.

Product Features

    • Two drinking fountains
    • FlexiGuard® anti-microbial nozzles
    • Disability friendly design
    • Oval basin design to reduce splashing
    • Easy-to-use front push button
    • Up to five-year warranty
    • WaterMark™ certified
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Elkay EZH2O Auto-Sensor In-Wall Bottle filling station

Slimline, space-saving design, wrapped in a stainless steel frame plate that sits flush with the wall. Ideal for architectural settings including sustainable office buildings, workspaces and campuses.

Product Features

    • One anti-microbial bottle refill nozzle
    • Fully recessed in-wall design
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Sanitary no-touch auto sensor activation
    • Quick fill rate
    • Disability-friendly design. Bottle refill complies with AS1428.2 1992
    • Drainage system to prevent water build-up
    • Up to five-year warranty*
    • WaterMark™ certified
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Elkay SwirlFlo Bi-level Fountain plus EZH2O Bottle Filling Station

The ultimate multi-functional drinking water station for indoor environments. Includes a water bottle refill dispenser, as well as bi-level drinking fountains, wrapped in a streamlined in-wall stainless steel case.

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A greener workspace is a necessity

The rise of the eco-friendly workplace has every organisation searching for more ways to be more sustainable. Once considered a higher-end option, opting for a greener workspace is now a necessity.

You'll save more than money

Easy access to fresh and clean drinking water boosts team morale, staff retention, and your bottom line. Go green by cutting single-use plastic waste.

Case Studies

Civiq has contributed to many eco-friendly projects with councils, education institutions, architects, building managers, and specification officers to deliver the best drinking fountain and water bottle refill stations.