Promote Environmental Awareness through Accessible Fountains

Ensure Access to Clean Water for Students

Accessible fountains and bottle refill stations play a crucial role in educational institutions.

These fountains are designed to:

  1. Meet student demands while promoting sustainability objectives.
  2. Comply with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations to ensure accessibility for all.
  3. Incorporate vandal-resistant features for enhanced durability and longevity.
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Client Testimonial

We wanted to ensure learners could access water easily and quickly. And without the need to leave their learning spaces.

– Lauren Jew of Aldinga Payinthi College

Easy Access to Water

Drinking Fountains Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Locations

It’s important to have water readily available when you need it. That’s why we offer drinking fountains that can be used inside and outside.


These fountains are great for places where many people go, like schools. They make it easy for students, teachers, and visitors to access fresh and clean drinking water.

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Easy Access For All Students

A Compact and Strong Water Station for All

It’s built to be tough and vandal-resistant.

With this compact and strong water station, everyone can enjoy a refreshing drink.

It’s a simple and convenient solution that keeps everyone hydrated and happy.

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Encouraging Sustainability Discussions

The Green Ticker: Counting Saved Plastic Water Bottles

Every time you choose a reusable bottle or opt for a refill, the Green Ticker increments, showcasing your personal contribution to the cause.


This simple yet impactful tool helps you visualize the positive change you’re making by making sustainable choices.

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Let’s get the ball rolling on better hydration for all students.

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Recent project case studies

Read the case studies below to find out more about how schools update their old bubblers to make way for new, hygienic and sustainable drinking water solutions, and the importance of fostering healthy habits to create a happy campus.

Replace your old bubblers with a Hydrobank: Next Steps


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