Extra Heavy-Duty Chilled and Filtered Elkay Water Station

Access to fresh and clean drinking water is so important for living and learning.

Put fresh and clean water within everyone’s reach: Offer water bottle refills with this Elkay vandal-resistant drinking water station.

Perfect for spaces where an extra heavy-duty solution is required.

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Are you ready to make the change to more eco-friendly practices?

Contribute to a cleaner world. Eliminate single-use plastic water bottles.

Hygienic & Vandal Resistant Elkay Drinking Fountain

Vandal-resistant bubbler features a chrome-plated integral hood guard. This prevents contamination from other users, airborne deposits, and tampering.

  • Vandal-Resistant Bubbler
  • Vandal-Resistant, Push-Button Activation
  • Ideal for Heavy-Use Installations
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Chilled & Filtered Water Bottle Refills

Hermetically sealed refrigeration system provides chilled water to satisfy thirst.

  • Hermetically Sealed Refrigeration System
  • Filter Removing Chlorine Taste and Odour
  • Visual filter monitor
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Easy to Use and Disability-Friendly Drinking Water Station

Laminar flow provides clean water bottle refills from the anti-microbial nozzle with minimal splash.

  • Quick Anti-Microbial Fill Rate
  • Minimal Splash
  • Dual Height and Single Height Options
  • Wheelchair Friendly
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Sustainable & Certified Drinking Fountain

An automatic 20-second shut-off timer ensures measured refills, while the built-in Green Ticker counts the number of bottles saved from waste.

  • Green Ticker Counts Bottle Saved
  • 20-Second Shut Off Timer
  • WaterMark Certified
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Single or Dual Height, Outdoor & Indoor Suitability

This water bottle refilling station is ideal for outdoor and indoor installation in schools and sports complexes, providing clean, fresh bottle refills for users on the go.

  • Outdoor / Indoor Suitability
  • Schools
  • Sports and Fitness Centres
  • Workspaces and Waterhouses
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Let's work together to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles

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Are you ready to make the change to more eco-friendly practices?

Offering water bottle refills puts a more sustainable solution within everyone’s reach.

Case Studies

Civiq has contributed to many projects with councils, education institutions, architects, building managers, and specification officers to deliver cleaner and healthier drinking water stations.