Engineered products for public and community spaces

At Civiq Australia, we’re in the business of making a splash with engineered products for public spaces! From innovative bike maintenance and repair products to state-of-the-art drinking water stations, we’re all about enhancing how people live, work, and play.

We work closely with councils, schools, universities, sports centres, and commercial buildings to create spaces that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

Our product range has been developed for robust performance, ease of use, and long service life, and is highly suited to a wide range of public space environments.

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Drinking water stations

Access to fresh and clean drinking water is key to creating healthy, happy and well-hydrated communities.

Whether you’re planning upgrades for cities, parks, schools, or workplaces, drinking water stations promote the use of reusable bottles and reduce dependence on single-use plastics and sugary drinks.

Better for your community and for the planet.

Select from our range of drinking fountains, water bottle refill stations, school drinking troughs, refrigerated water stations and filtered water stations .

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Hand washing stations

Proper hand hygiene is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to prevent and control the spread of germs.

Handwashing facilities are a must in a wide range of public places and buildings. This includes schools, restaurants, places of worship, and commercial and public offices. Handwashing stations are also increasingly popular at markets, public transport hubs, public/ communal toilets and buildings such as healthcare facilities.

Sensor activation reduces the chances of cross-contamination at touchpoints.

Optional extras include a hand towel dispenser, and a sensor-activated soap dispenser.

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Outdoor showers

Every public swim spot should feature an outdoor shower.

A staple of our outdoor lifestyle, swimming is made even better with a quick rinse.

Experience the perfect outdoor solution with robust and multi-functional showers. Ideal for public spaces like beaches, parks, and waterfronts, they feature customizable options like inbuilt drinking fountains, foot wash or dog drinking bowl, all specifically designed for the Australian climate.

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Notice board & poster displays

When it comes to sharing important information with your team, colleagues or community, notice boards can be a lifesaver.

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor space, keep your messages visible and protected with our range of lockable notice boards and poster displays.

Perfect for schools, churches, hotels and community centres, our products come equipped with key- and clip-lock technologies – to suit your every need.

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Bicycle maintenance and repairs

Ensure easy maintenance with proper cycling facilities.

Revolutionise commuting in your community with a change. Encourage people to make time for family and exercise and have fun while cycling. Don’t let a flat tire or other maintenance issues ruin the fun.

By providing bicycle repair amenities, you’ll encourage more people to choose biking as their preferred mode of transportation, enjoy their rides and continue cycling for years to come.

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Read the case studies below to find out more about how our public-use products create a happy, healthy communities.