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EverPure® 2FC-S Filter Cartridge

Replacing water filter cartridges regularly is best practice and highly recommended. Routine maintenance ensures that filtered drinking stations continue to work efficiently at removing contaminants from drinking water.

Our range of filtered drinking water stations are designed to help create and maintain healthier, happier communities. The EverPure 2FC-S Filter Cartridge reduces lead, particles, and chlorine from the water being dispensed from the unit. They also reduce odours and discolouration from water.

Compatible with Hydrofil and Solo: EverPure® 2FC-S Filter Cartridge

Hygiene Features

Compatible with Aquafil Hydrofil and Aquafil Solo.

System Tested and Certified by NSF International Against NSF / ANSI Standards 42 and 53.

Product Features

Standard No.42 - Aesthetic Effects: Chemical Reduction, Tase & Odour, Chlorine, Mechanical Filtration, Nominal Particulate, Class 1.

Standard No.53 - Health Effects: Mechanical Filtration, Cyst Reduction, Turbidity Reduction.

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