Cycla 2-up Vertical Stand (Single-sided)

The Cycla 2-up Vertical Stand Single is an efficient solution for safe and secure bicycle parking ideal for areas where floor space is limited.

Cycla 2-Up Single-Sided Vertical Stand Bike Rack uses rubber-coated pins which allow two bikes to hang easily by the front wheel. This is a more convenient solution than a cradle design which can interfere with wheel mudguards and spokes.

The product conforms to AS2980.3-2015 Class B & C. The bike rack comes flat packed with the pole separate for on-site bolt together assemble.

Available in a range of high-grade finishes, the 2-up Vertical Stand Single-sided is ideal for end-of-trip facilities and public spaces.

Configure your Cycla 2-up Vertical Stand (Single-sided)

Customise this Single Sided Bike Rack to your specific requirements.

Product Features

Capacity to Park 2 Bikes Per Rail

Conforms to AS2890.3-2015 Class 3 Security

Cycla 2-up Single-sided Bike Rack Features Heavy Duty Construction

Anti-theft Shear Nuts

Plastic Sleeve on Hanging Pins for Wheel Protection

No Damage to Tire Mudguards and Spokes

Stand-alone Floor Mounted Bolt Base

Unique Registered Design (IP Protected)

Configure yourCycla 2-up Vertical Stand (Single-sided)

Configuration Options

Material & Finish

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