Aquafil Elegri

The Aquafil Elegrí drinking fountain and bottle refill station is distinguished by its sleek stainless steel construction, designed especially for outdoor public environments.

The Aquafil Elegri Premium Drinking Fountain features a wheelchair-accessible drinking fountain and an anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzle, both of which can be activated using easy-push buttons on the rear. The drinking fountain also features foot pedal activation for added convenience, while the sculpted arch basin allows excess water to gently stream into a discreet in-ground drainage cage.

With its robust performance and stylish design, the Aquafil Elegrí is the perfect solution for premium outdoor architectural settings and community precincts."

Configure your Aquafil Elegri

Customise this Drinking Water Fountain and Bottle Refilling Station to your specific requirements.

Key Inclusions & Warranty

Drinking Fountain

Water Bottle Refill Point (AS1428.2 1992 Compliant)

Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless Steel Buttons

Foot Pedal Activation

8 Year Stainless Steel Components Warranty

2 Year Product Warranty

Customisation Options & Certifications

Water Activator

WaterMark™ Certified

Certified Australian Made

Configure yourAquafil Elegri

Configuration Options

Water Activator

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