Ready to be an H2O Hero?

Water is essential for good health. Drinking water every day promotes good digestion, healthy skin and healthy teeth.  

Be an H2O Hero is easy!

Every day and everywhere

  • Take a bottle of water with you
  • Avoid buying sweetened drinks and having them in the house

At School

  • Ensure clean, well-maintained water fountains are available
  • Encourage water bottles in the classroom 
  • Be a role model and show everyone you like drinking water too!

Does your school need access to cleaner, healthier water?

Every year we run a competition. It is a seriously fun way to get young Aussies engaged in a very serious issue, and their precious resource - their health! The competition is run through schools and community groups that provide funds towards drinking water stations. Register Your Interest

Tell us about drinking water at your school

How would you describe the current water facilities in your school? Tell us about your experience with your school’s water quality and water fountains.

What do they look like? Where are they located? How are you or your students enjoying them?

Could they be in need of an upgrade?

Does your school have any current programs in place that address student or faculty health and/or water quality?

Please email any supplemental materials that show us what should be upgraded. Include any lead testing reports, photos of dated/old water fountains or fixtures, letters from parents or the community, news) to us directly at with the name of the school as your email subject line.

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