Indoor Drinking Fountain Products for public environments

Indoor drinking fountains and bottle refill stations designed with you in mind!
Choose from various designs that suit your preferences. Single or dual-height drinking fountain basins ensure accessibility for all. And guess what? Many stations come with integrated bottle refill outlets, making it super easy to stay hydrated on the go!
Different spaces, different requirements. That’s why we offer both wall-mounted and freestanding designs. Plus, many of our stations have chilled and filtered water options. How cool is that? You’ll always have refreshing and clean drinking water at your fingertips.
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Civiq’s indoor drinking fountain & bottle refill stations have been installed in schools, universities, sports centres, leisure facilities, airports, hospitals and public spaces across Australia for over 15 years, and continues to be a market leader in this space.

Wall mounted indoor drinking fountains

Our range of Elkay wall mounted drinking fountain & bottle refill stations feature a space-saving design ideal for schools, gyms and recreation centres.

  • Single or dual height drinking fountain options
  • Wheelchair accessible designs
  • Anti-microbial safety nozzle
  • Durable design
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Free standing indoor drinking fountains

Our freestanding Aquafil drinking water stations are engineered for robust performance and accessibility.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Internal drainage
  • Wheelchair accessible design options
  • Bottle refill nozzles
  • Filter & chiller options
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Chilled drinking fountain products

Our industry-leading of Elkay chilled drinking fountain products are an especially popular choice for gyms, recreation and leisure centres:

  • Inbuilt refrigeration
  • Optional additional bottle refill nozzles
  • Water filter options
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Filtered drinking fountains

Enhance the quality of your drinking water with filtered Aquafil and Elkay indoor drinking fountain products.

  • Inbuilt water-filter
  • Removable panel for easy filter replacement
  • Range of filter types depending on location
  • Internal Drainage
  • Anti-bacterial designs
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Best selling indoor drinking fountains

Our indoor range of drinking fountains are a popular choice in schools, universities, sports centres, leisure facilities, airports, hospitals and public spaces.

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Our indoor drinking fountains are used by hundreds of facilities across Australia

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Our indoor drinking fountains have assisted in boosting drinking water amenities to clients from different industries.